Comic Book Reviews (5/28/2014)

May 29, 2014

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 Goof-3-Cover-a76cc (481x640)Goof # 3 (New Worlds Comics)

Writer: Guy Hasson

Artist: Borja Pindado

Captain Gorgeous the loveable, awkward, but most of all goof is back. Let the hijinks commence once again. The title of this issue is “Worst Rescue Ever”. Just take a gander at the cover and you can see it has blunder written all over it. After three issues I’m still in love with this comic. It just brings out the silly in me and is a great escape from the daily grind. Cheers goes to Guy Husson for actually letting us in on the Captain’s origin story, and who does not love an origin story?

The reader gets to see the early days of Captain CrapDee-Pants. We also find out that both Captain’s might be eerily similar in more ways than one. Captain Gorgeous’s Nephew and Niece who we first met in issue one make an appearance once again. I love these two kids. We also get to see a bit of a dark side come out of them and it’s aimed at The Captain’s publicist Alan Jacobs. Watch out Alan Those kids will be more then you can handle and I’m sure it will be hilarious. So head on over to Itunes and pick this issue up. Keep up the great work Guy and Borja and I can’t wait to see what craziness you will bring us in the future of Goof.

Review by: Chris PirriGoof-Michelle (411x419) 



23854 (416x640)Captain Midnight #11 (Dark Horse)

By: Joshua Williamson

Art by: Fernando Dagnino

Color by: Javier Mena

Joshua Williamson has been doing an incredible job making Captain Midnight one of Dark Horse’s most thrilling old school action adventure stories. The pulpy drama has reached its zenith in issue 11 as Cap faces off against Helios in a brutal all-out fight. All the while still dealing with the death of his closet alley. Things get out of hand quickly and the tension is immense.capmid11p2 (445x640)

Fernando Dagnino and Javier Mena provide some great layouts and colors that enhance the action. They’re equally adept in the quieter moments where shadows and subtlety are needed. They’ve helped elevate the pulp genre by going that extra mile in quality and details.

Some life and death moments bring this arc to a neat close and by the end some new threats emerge just in time to keep the reader wanting more. Project Black Sky is fully operation and we can’t wait to see more.

Review by: Enrique Rea


24462 (416x640)Furious #5 (Dark Horse)

By: Bryan J. L. Glass

Art by: Victor Santos

Furious #5 comes to an explosive end as Furia and Perfidia battle in the skies as a young girl’s life hangs in the balance below them. The incredible conclusion to this first arc by Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos answers many questions and leaves the door open for more Furious adventures. This emotional yet exciting tale of a former child star desperately seeking redemption as a superhero is as good as it gets in comic books and issue #5 put a nice bow on it leaving readers wanting more.

One of the best aspects of Furious is the respect shown by its creators to not merely use her backstory and origin strictly to provide convenient angst and brooding but really is an extension of her growth as a person and a hero. The theme is ingrained throughout the first arc through her inner monologue and flashbacks. Glass has a genuine love of Cadence Lark and it shows in the honesty in her desire to make good on the sins of the past.furious5p3 (413x640)

The battle is beautifully “shot” by Santos as he frames the chaos in different angles that suits the flying, fighting and falling very well. The contrast of the sunny blue sky that surrounds the aerial combat with the darker hues of the flashbacks that explain Perfidia’s background is a great counter balance. Furia’s story is fully formed in the pages of Furious #5 and the reader can’t help but root for her and empathize with her struggle as she races to save the little girl descending to the ground.

Does Furia get her redemption? Has she made amends for her past? Things become a little clearer and the future seems brighter by the end but what Glass has done is provided one of the best superheroines in comics by making her three-dimensional and relatable. No small feat these days. The hope is we’ll see more of Furious because it’s not a beautifully rendered book it’s also one of the most important character-driven comics too.

Review by: Enrique Rea