Comics Podcast: 76 | Comic Writer Brian Visaggio

Jan 25, 2015

Tonight we talk to Comic Writer Brian Visaggio. He will gives us all the latest details about his Kickstarter project: Andrew Jackson in Space. Contribute to Brian’s Kicstarter here:
Brian also schools us in a little American History and why Deep Space 9 is Star Treks’ best spinoff. After a roaring Star Trek chat. It’s back to comics in the “Week in Geek” segment. Here we talk the latest comic releases including Galaxy Quest #1, Spider-Verse Part 5, Powers #1, Black Widow #14
Piper also tease her newest project the Outside The Box Pocast where her and @theleakymind will be reviewing the plethora of monthly box subscription services.
Last but of course not least Brian and the Crew discuss Marvel’s Secret Wars announcement and what it could mean for the Marvel Universe in comics. Collectively we decide naysayers should give it a chance and see where this all takes us.
This is a fantastic and education podcast, Thank you to our guest Brian Visaggio @BrianVisaggio