Co-Creator of Stargate SG-1 Brad Wright joins the Companion; Exclusive Article Releasing Today

Nov 6, 2020

If, like myself, you have been drawn into the worlds of science fiction, we have some awesome news for you! We here at Geeks WorldWide have partnered up with The Companion, a new platform creating content with deep emphasis on sci-fi. No matter the size, if it’s got room for growth beyond its initial creation, there will be a place for it here. As described to us, The Companion will have “Long read features, ‘making ofs’, and DVD extra-style behind-the-scenes, we’re taking a documentary and deep dive editorial approach to our stories. Our content includes never-before-seen photos from the producer archives, articles written by the franchise creators, and analysis of the craft. No franchise is too big or small as long as it’s fresh and interesting.”

The Companion

The Companion has put together a great line-up of people of many different walks to come together and bring these stories together. Behind the scenes pieces, especially of shows long adored, can have a new depth brought to life. Deep analysis of characters and story arcs that show that these characters very much are mirrors of the people and worlds around us and also are windows to glimpse into a reality we strive for on our world. Interviews with creators, cast and more that show the experiences in making these beloved entities.

One of the biggest pieces of news to come from the Companion after its successful Kickstarter is that Brad Wright, showrunner, executive producer and co-creator of the three Stargate series has joined on as an advisor and contributor. “I’m grateful to The Companion for asking me to participate in something cool and watch it grow,” comments Wright. “Had they not asked, I would have wished they had!” Having one of the creators of such a stunning and loved series like Stargate really is a treasure. From the stories and articles that will be released, we will learn things that very few people (if any) know about the real heart of the shows.

The Exclusive

Today will be an exciting day to be sure because the first of many exclusive articles by Mr. Wright is going online. The title is “The Rules of Stargates, Superheroes, Death Stars and Parking Zones” and this is an excerpt from the first paragraph:

“My mother once told me that at the age of six or seven, I strenuously objected to my father attempting to park in no parking zones. She said every time he tried, I kept reading the NO PARKING sign aloud over and over until he relented and found a legal spot. It was against the rules and I was having none of it. My first thought when she told me was wow, what an obnoxious little shit. But 50-something-plus years later, it’s still true to character. I am a rules follower.”

Just the title alone for the article has me excited and thinking “You know, you really don’t think about how some of these shows govern their own mythos and it would be interesting to find out!” How is it that the Time Enforcement Agency can see very obvious ripples but what about ones that are done so subtly that it’s hardly noticeable? Was there some rational supply and demand reason that those that lived in the geodesic domes of the future Renewed at 30 and not 40? Why was it that the mesons and neurons of others that Sam Beckett encountered couldn’t be tuned so that Al would be visible to them?

We are highly excited to read this and more from The Companion and will be dropping more stories and exclusives as they release so stay tuned! The Companion is available now online and on iOS, Android and at