Controllers & Remotes – Episode #1

Apr 10, 2016

Here’s a new show from the GWW Radio Network. Three friends get together to talk about two things: movies that have recently hit NetFlix and one specific genre in video games. Every week, Peter, Jonathan, and Agasicles look at the “what’s coming to NetFlix list” and pick a movie to discuss and review the following week. Then in the second half of the show, the 3 friends hyper-focus on one genre in video games and break down what they like/don’t like about the genre or game topic. Good and bad examples, and nostalgia picks in the genre.

For this inaugural episode, we’re talking 2008’s “Forbidden Kingdom”, notable as the first collaboration between martial arts and entertainment greats, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Then we discuss hybrid genres in video games. Those titles that attempt to take themes from two or more genres and put them through a food processor to yield what they hope will be a hit. We talk System Shock 2, Borderlands, Diablo II, Torchlight, and GRiD 2.

We’re all a bit rusty, especially the host, as we’ve all been sick, traveling, or otherwise off the air or just covering different content. It’ll get better, we promise (we hope).

Intro/outro clips from “Bonobo Shuffle” courtesy of texasradiofish via Creative Commons license –