Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 Review

Jul 4, 2018

Mad Cave Studios


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Cosmic Ghost Rider #1
Marvel Comics

Written by: Donny Cates
Artist: Dylan Burnette
Color Artist: Antonia Fabela

Since Frank Castle Ghost Rider’s appearance in Thanos #13, he became a fan favorite, including mine. He completely stole the Mad Titan’s spotlight. I was so stoked when I heard about this solo mini series! Donny Cates has been killing it. I’ve been reading more than a few of comics. This one is just as crazy as I expected it to be. Maybe even more. I mean, Frank Castle punches a baby? Yeah. Because that isn’t crazy at all.

There’s really no dialogue in basically the first half of the first issue (of 5). It’s painting a picture of all the lives Ghost Rider has lived, and all the deaths had to come back from. Every hell. From the hells on earth i.e. his family’s death, war and vengeful spirit, to literal hell. Thanos’ reign and everything in between. There’s no dialogue until he’s in Valhalla among Gods. To Frank, he doesn’t deserve a reward. He just wants to fix sh*t and move on. He’s finally sent where he wants to be. Fix all of this once for all. Why has no one thought of this? Go back in time. In the cosmos. He’s found a way to make it where he wants to be.

My friend told me she wishes I could see my face when I was reading this. From the first pages, I already knew I was into it. Like I said, no dialogue just the crazy cool art and each hell the Frank Castle Ghost Rider went through. I mean literal hell. He’s angry Punisher I’m used to with a more of a tortured twist. Understandable considering he’s also freaking Ghost Rider. Even when he reaches warrior Heaven he’s not satisfied. I really love this take on the character. It’s because I get TWO characters in one. He even pisses off Odin. Perfect!

The visuals are outstanding. The way each universe is drawn has its own look, yet signature to Burnette. His Thanos is one of the best in recent comics. The cosmic surrounds were definitely my favorite. I can’t give it away, but who and why Ghost Rider decides to give the Penance Stare was drawn and written so insanely perfect I had to reread the last few pages twice. The twist at the end of the story is one of the craziest, fun and unexpectedly odd that I’ve seen. Ever. This is what Frank thinks will fix everything. Instead of fighting, go back and end it all before it began. The final page is, well I honestly don’t even know what to say about it without saying exactly what it is. If you enjoy way out there stories, totally of the map, pick this title up. There have been a few sneak peek panels revealed of what’s coming. A character named “Juggerduck”. So expect crazy! A good crazy. It’s a shocker.