Cosplay Corner: Our “Amazing” time at Long Beach Comic Expo

Jun 1, 2014

Mad Cave Studios


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Every Sunday Geeks With Wives aims to bring you a different perspective on Cosplay, from fabrication to navigation of the industry.  Cosplay Corner is your source of Vlogs from stars and rising stars in the industry, a great place for a few tips, tricks or just a lot of fun to watch.  

This weeks Cosplay Corner comes to you from the floor of Long Beach Comic Expo.  We discuss Spidey cosplay with Luc Luzzo, get to see a few of his dance moves and also get an appearance from another one of our Amazing friends Zach Luna.  Luc talks to us about his future Cosplay Corner Video ideas, and Zach shows us a little of what it takes to get those great Spidey poses.

Videography: Jaime Osuna

[vsw id=”jFFbApOcY_U” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Photography: Ed Stuart