Cosplay Gallery: Captain Jack Sparrow

May 5, 2014


Every first and third Monday of the month, we at Geeks With Wives post a gallery filled with professional quality photos. These photos can be of one specific cosplayer in a single outfit or of a group of cosplayers portraying a single theme.

This week, we feature another one of our amazing staff! Take a look at Darth Sparrow (Will Elizondo) as Captain Jack Sparrow!

Tell us a little about this cosplay and why you chose to do it:
Captain Jack Sparrow. What can I say about him that would sum up the the sheer impact this character has had on my life? When I first saw Pirates of the Caribbean, I was fascinated by the character and Johnny Depp’s portrayal of him. He was suave, confident, a rogue, and a master with the ladies. All things I was not, at the time. So, on that level it appealed to me. It wasn’t until the 3rd movie had already been released that the notion of costuming as him even popped into my mind. Of course the first thing I thought was there was no way I could ever pull this character off. I was too big. At the time I weighed 235 pounds, but I decided hey why not? So, I started getting in to pirate shape. All along the way I started slowing attaining pieces for the costume and along the way something happened. I met an amazing community of other Jack cosplayers, one of which was a skilled costume and prop maker. This man was and remains the top maker of all things Sparrow. So, naturally, I became friends with him and 75% of my costume today was all made by him. Many of the materials that were used in my costume are believed to be the same materials used in the film. I didn’t have a hand in making any of this costume, but I add what I call “the magic” to it. I decided that after 6 months of working out, spending hundreds of dollars, and loosing 25 pounds, I didn’t just want to be another guy dressed up like Jack.  You see when I wear the costume, I become Jack. I walk, talk, act, and sometimes think like him. In the past I would go a whole con without breaking character. The great thing about being Jack is you can woo the ladies and drink rum and guess what? It’s all part of the character. Besides all that,  I have made so many friendships that are life long because of this character. It means so much to me that I even had a replica of Jack’s (Johnny Depp’s) tattoo , permanently inked on my forearm, on the same spot as his. So yes, it means more to me then just a costume. It’s almost a way of life!  Thanks so much for looking at my pics and as always, I will catch you on the geek side!


All photos taken by Gingi Edmonds Freeman

All photos taken by Gingi Edmonds Freeman


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