Could a potential ‘BEN 10: ALIEN FORCE’ reboot be coming to Cartoon Network?

May 11, 2020

In 2016, Cartoon Network created a reboot to the hit series, BEN 10. BEN 10 is one of Cartoon Networks most successful franchises within their catalog which started way back in 2005 and ran though 2008. Because of the success of the series, it received many sequel series such as: ‘BEN 10: ALIEN FORCE’, ‘BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN’, and ‘BEN 10: OMNIVERSE.’ All of these series served together in their own continuity. Until a reboot was made which created an entire new continuity. It has always been a theory whether or not this version of Ben would soon grow up into the mature Ben we see in ‘Ben 10: Alien Force’ and well recently. Duncan Rouleau, the co-creator of the original series who is also a partner in Man of Action, may have confirmed on Twitter we could be getting teen Ben once again like the one we see in Alien Force.

Seeing as how the reboot is currently on its 4th season, it has already taken liberties from the series prior to it. Aliens such as Rath and Humungosaur, and villains such as Darkstar (Michael Morningstar) have all appeared throughout the reboot. It seems they’re indeed slowly building up to the older versions of the characters.

A Made-For-Television film based off the reboot ‘Ben 10 Vs. The Universe’ is currently in production and is expected to release in Fall 2020.

The show is produced by Cartoon Network Studios, and created and executive produced by Man of Action Entertainment (Big Hero 6, Generator Rex), with John Fang (Mixels, Generator Rex) as executive producer.