Could Pierce Brosnan’s role in the FOX X-Universe Be Something Sinister?

Jan 19, 2017


Pierce Brosnan recently stirred up a lot of speculation when he appeared in a picture with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Many fans thought that Deadpool 2, which is currently in pre-production, might have found its Cable. Personally, I think that his role might be slightly different.


At the end of X-Men Apocalypse, a group of men enter the Alkali Lake facility, which held Wolverine and was the primary base for the Weapon X program. They retrieve a vial of Wolverine’s DNA and place it in a briefcase marked Essex Corp.


For fans of the X-Men, this was an obvious nod to Nathaniel Essex, the mutant known as Mr. Sinister. What if Brosnan is playing the titular villain in the next Deadpool film and he’s being introduced in this years Logan?

Sinister is a master at genetic manipulation


Nataniel Essex (Sinister) was first introduced in comics in the 80’s. He was born in Victorian London and became a biologist in 1859. He was genetically modified by Apocalypse and continued his work conducting experiments on humans in order to manipulate genetic mutations. His transformation made him ageless. and granted him powers like telepathy and telekinesis. He has created clones before and is constantly searching for ways to enhance his own powers including healing wounds.


This totally fits with the type of character that Brosnan could be playing. Sinister could be responsible for the creation of X-23 (Logan), from the stolen DNA of Wolverine (X-Men Apocalypse) and the experiments on Wade Wilson that unlocked his mutant powers (Deadpool). The man behind the scenes manipulating events is definitely in Brosnan’s wheel house and makes more sense than Cable.



Speaking of Cable. I know this might be a little insensitive, especially as I am older myself, but isn’t Pierce Brosnan at 63 a little old to play Cable? I know the character has grey hair, but the color of Cable’s hair was not an indication of his age. Whatever direction they decide to go with, Cable is physically imposing and Pierce Brosnan is not that. If anything, he has the cool, detached, haughty demeanor of a certain Victorian London scientist named Nathaniel Essex. Also, consider the fact that Sinister is responsible for the creation of Cable in the first place through cloning Jean Grey could also explain why he would be in both Logan and Deadpool 2.

Richard E. Grant


Many people are speculating that the character that British actor Richard E.Grant (Downton Abbey) is playing is Mr. Sinister. While he is playing a bad guy, he’s not playing that particular bad guy. Grant is playing Dr. Zander Rice, who is an actual Marvel Comics character. Zander’s father was a scientist for the Weapon X program who was killed by Wolverine when he escaped. Zander follows in his fathers footsteps and joins the Weapon X program with the intention of cloning Wolverine. He is teamed with Dr. Kinney, who angers him by creating a female clone (X-23). So given the fact that the character exists and is so closely related to the comic book story, it would be hard to make him Sinister.

An Actual Bad Guy


Finally, the Fox X-Men universe needs a damn bad guy! They have done everything they could to make every villain so ridiculously tragic that there is no one for the X-Men to actually fight. In the first movie you had Magneto and Mystique as the villains along with the rest of the Brotherhood. When they rebooted the films, Magneto became a reluctant hero and they did a complete 360 with Mystique by making her Charles Xavier’s adopted sister. They came close to an actual villain with Apocalypse, but the best he could do was to recruit his ineffective Four Horseman, who were just OTHER X-MEN! Pierce Brosnan could bring real menace and gravitas to the role of Mr. Sinister if they make him the bad guy. His detached demeanor as he stays behind the scenes manipulating events could work in both Logan and Deadpool.

Unfortunately, I do not work for a studio and this is all speculation. Let me know what you think. Who do you think Pierce Brosnan could be playing if he joins the cast of Deadpool 2?

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