The Couple That Cosplays Together Stays Together, Jason and Kristine are Doing It Right!

Feb 18, 2015


Name: Jason Johnson

City: Lancaster PA

Twitter: @xT101x

Facebook: Costumed Vigilante

Photographer(s): Future Photography By M3

What was your first Cosplay Experience?
Pax East 2013 as Deadpool. My wife Kristine, Pittsburgh Comic Con 2013 as Black Canary.

How long have you been Cosplaying?
Since the beginning of 2013. Kristin, since fall of 2013.

Who or What inspired you to take up Cosplaying?
For me, it looked fun and liberating. It also looked like a good way of artistic expression. I saw people having a good time and thought, man that looks like fun. For my wife, it was something we could enjoy together and she loves Halloween so it’s fun.

If you had to pick a favorite Cosplay you have worn or see someone else where What would it be?
I think my favorite cosplay is Arrow so far. I have a few coming up that I think might knock that off it’s spot for me. Zatanna for my wife, she really likes the character and felt it was a good match for her personality.

Have you seen this:
Wonder Girl #1 (Review)

If you had unlimited funds and resources, what Cosplay would you create?
For me, Iron Man. Full working suit. Sounds lights, all the bells and whistles. I think that would be awesome. My wife would go with Lady Galadriel from LOTR, she’s a huge fan. She wore the Evenstar as her necklace for our wedding and walked down the aisle to music from the movie.

What advice would you offer others who are aspiring Cosplayers?
Keep going and don’t let others get you down. People can be so easily pushed away or discouraged from cosplaying. Don’t let the trolls get you down. And don’t be afraid to talk to other cosplayers, friends are good in this hobby!



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