Mar 25, 2016

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spiral 2Spiral (Part One of Four)


Written by: Magnus Aspli

Art and colors by: Emerson Dimaya

Design and lettering by: Nic Shaw

I found this comic on Kickstarter, which of late has become my new stomping ground for finding indie and self-published comics. What drew my attention right away was the interior art of Emerson Dimaya. The contrast of colors has always been something I love in any art form. From the start of the comic, we get to see one of the basic color theories at work: color harmony. Without knowing much about the story, the pleasing colors give us the experience of who in the story is through balance and order (blues), which characters are starting to lose control (gray and purples), and who is already in a spiral of chaos (red). These visual ques are just one method this creative team is using to tell a vigilante story set in the noir genre.

spiral 6

Magnus Aspli’s narrative and script don’t waste time in explaining who everyone is, but describes the backstories and motives through a natural dialogue. As the pieces start to come together for the reader, as to where the story is going, the lives of the characters start to fall apart and spiral out of their control. With the crime and violence as the main theme and the vengeance-seeking vigilante as the progressing feature, fans of any Martin Scorsese-esque mafia movie or the thrilling capes and crusaders blockbusters will be wowed by this book.

spiral 5The title of the book, Spiral, isn’t the name of the hero or some kind of criminal syndicate. The title is a strong reference to the story as the main characters start to see the actions they take begin an unstoppable spiral that has severe consequences right away. Again, the colors play a part in the storytelling, and they are not invulnerable to being subject to spiraling out of control. Where in the first few pages the panels visually tell us the moods we are supposed to be experiencing, there is a shift to fully colored pages accentuated by the building action.

spiral 1This is only the opening act of a four-part story, and I can’t wait to read more. This book has everything I love in a story; a vigilante seeking vengeance and a crime organization with ambitious members. It will be really interesting to see how these two families try to stay afloat in the havoc caused by the spiraling-out-of-control chaos they each brought upon themselves. As of right now, each of the four issues will be run through Kickstarter, so everyone who missed out on issue #1 can get that when the campaign for issue #2 launches in a few months. And, of course, once the story is complete, Aspli and Dimaya, who have been working on this project since late 2013, will take the series to Comixology and possibly the Direct Markets! For now, keep an eye on Kickstarter to catch up. Help spiral 4support this vigilante-crime noir continue its violent and intriguing story.

Spiral – Kickstarter