Curious What Chapter Does Hells Paradise Anime End? Find Out Here!

May 21, 2024

What Chapter Does Hells Paradise Anime End? Get the Details!

Fans of anime and manga have been drawn to Hell’s Paradise (Jigokuraku) because of its dark tale and complex plot. Now that the first season of the anime is over, many fans can’t wait to continue the story in the manga.

This article goes into great depth about which manga chapters are shown in the anime, where the anime ends in the manga, and what to expect from future seasons. This complete guide has everything you need, whether you’re a new fan or moving on from the anime to the manga.

What Chapter of Hell’s Paradise is the Anime On?

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In order to stay true to the original source material, anime versions often follow the plot of their manga counterparts. This is also true for Hell’s Paradise, which is called Jigokuraku in Japanese. 

The anime has been praised for staying true to the Hell’s Paradise manga, which fans love for its dark fantasy elements and complex plots. This faithful adaptation makes sure that viewers have an experience that is similar to when they read the manga. It keeps the main ideas and character growth that make the series so interesting.

Chapters Covered in the Anime

The first season of Hell’s Paradise anime follows the first story arcs of the manga. It shows how dangerous the island is and what terrible secrets it hides. To be more specific, the anime uses the following chapters:

Introduction Arc: Chapters 1 to 7

  • We meet Gabimaru, the main character, and learn about his search for the Elixir of Life.
  • Gabimaru’s past is looked into, including his marriage and his time as a ninja warrior.

Island Arc: Chapters 8 to 45

  • Mostly about the assassination mission to kill someone on the island where prisoners are looking for the Elixir of Life.
  • Introducing the Lord Tensen, the strange and powerful people who live on the island.
  • Key relationships and ties between the main cast are formed.
  • The departure arc begins to set the stage for the characters’ next journey.

These chapters set up the story’s main conflict and characters, as well as the events that will happen in later chapters.

What Chapter Does Hells Paradise Anime End?

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Photo Credit: Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023) Viz Media

The first season of Hell’s Paradise does a good job of capturing the intense and dark tone of the manga. Fans are now eager to find out where the anime ends in relation to the manga. Fans can follow the story in the manga more easily if they know this.

At chapter 45 of the manga, the Hell’s Paradise anime comes to an end. This chapter wraps up important plot points from the Island Arc, which makes it a reasonable place to end the first season.

Chapter 45 covers:

  • The last fights and clashes on the island.
  • Some important facts about the island and its mysterious parts were revealed.
  • Moments where the characters grow and change that set up future plots.

If anime fans want to continue the story right after watching the anime, they should start at chapter 46 in the manga. This chapter starts with the Lord Tensen Arc, which adds new tasks and builds on the story from the first season.

Is Hell’s Paradise Season 2 Confirmed?

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Fans are looking forward to the second season of the Hell’s Paradise anime because the first season was so popular. The good news is that there will be a second season, which will make the show’s growing fan base very happy.

Speculations and Expectations

The second season is likely to cover a number of important plot points from the manga, such as the Lord Tensen Arc and the Hōrai Arc. In these arcs, the secrets of the island will be explored in more depth, and dangerous new enemies will be introduced. Fans are excited to see how these arcs run and will further develop the story and characters.

Lord Tensen Arc:

  • Looks into the power structure and order of the island’s supernatural residents.
  • It gives the main heroes new enemies that are more dangerous.
  • Gives more information about the characters’ pasts and goals.

Horai Arc:

  • Adds to the main story and the journey of the main character.
  • Brings about big changes in characters, especially for Gabimaru and Sagiri.
  • Describes new relationships and fights between the players.

What Volume is Chapter 60 of Hell’s Paradise?

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Photo Credit: Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (2023) Viz Media

Fans can easily switch from watching anime to reading manga if they know where certain chapters are in each book. Chapter 60 of Hell’s Paradise is an important part of the story and can be found in Volume 8.

  • Volume 8 Includes:
    • Chapters 54 to 61.
    • Big changes in the Lord Tensen Arc.
    • Big revelations about characters and plot twists that move the story forward.

Volume 8 is very important for people who want to learn more about the island’s history and the magical people who live there. This book sets the stage for what happens next, giving the story a lot of background information.

Significance of Chapter 60

In the manga Hell’s Paradise, Chapter 60 stands out for more than one reason. It draws attention to important details that are needed to understand how the series has grown.

Key Events:

  • Important fights and smart moves by the main characters.
  • A look at Lord Tensen’s skills and the levels of power he holds.
  • Gabimaru and Sagiri’s characters change in important ways.

This chapter builds on the tension and challenges set up in earlier chapters, making it a must-read for anime fans who are switching to manga.

How Many Chapters Are in Hell’s Paradise Season 1?

If you know how much the manga has been changed, you can pick it up without missing any information. The first season covers a lot of the manga and introduces fans to Hell’s Paradise, a dark and complicated world.

Chapter Breakdown

The first two arcs of the manga are adapted into the first season of Hell’s Paradise. These arcs are very important for setting up the story and characters.

  • The anime adapts chapters 1 through 45.
  • These chapters include the Introduction Arc and the Island Arc.

Major Plot Points

The episodes of the first season that introduce important characters and explain why they act in a certain way set up the story. Also, they set up a big fight.

Introduction Arc: Chapters 1 to 7:

  • Gabimaru is the major character, and his job is to find the Elixir of Life.
  • This book goes into Gabimaru’s past, talking about his marriage and his time as a ninja.

Island Arc: Chapters 8 to 45:

  • Gabimaru and the other prisoners are on a dangerous mission to find the Elixir of Life on an island.
  • Introduces the Lord Tensen, powerful beings who rule the island and pose significant threats.
  • Builds important ties and relationships between the main characters.

Does Sagiri Love Gabimaru?

One of the most interesting things about Hell’s Paradise is the friendship between Sagiri and Gabimaru. As fans learn more about the show, a lot of them are curious about how they are connected. Is Gabimaru important to Sagiri?

Character Dynamics

They have had a special bond from the start of their trip, built on mutual respect and understanding. Sagiri, a skilled executioner, can see past Gabimaru’s image as a cruel killer and understands that he just wants to live a normal life with his wife.

Key Interactions:

  • At first, Sagiri is told to kill Gabimaru, but he sees that he really wants to live.
  • As they go through many life-or-death events on the island, their bond grows stronger.
  • Gabimaru is challenged to see himself as more than a killer by Sagiri’s faith in his humanity.

Key Takeaways

The intricate worldbuilding and furious plot of Hell’s Paradise (Jigokuraku) have captivated viewers. The dark and interesting world of Gabimaru has been brought to life in the anime, which was based on the manga.

As anime fans move on to reading the manga, it’s important for them to understand the main ideas of the show. These are the important points:

  • The first season of Hell’s Paradise anime goes up to chapter 45 of the manga and shows what the Introduction Arc and the Island Arc are all about.
  • Readers who want to keep up with the story should begin at chapter 46.
  • Gabimaru’s quest on the island to find the elixir of life is at the heart of the series. He wants to leave his life as a killer behind and get back together with his wife.
  • Deep themes like death, redemption, and the need for a worthwhile life are explored in the show.

Fans can expect the anime adaptation to go deeper into the manga’s later storylines and learn more about the island’s history and the mysterious Tao now that there will be a second season.


What is the plot of Hell’s Paradise?

Hell’s Paradise follows Gabimaru, a ninja on a mission to find the elixir of life to reunite with his wife. The entire series explores themes of death, redemption, and the human quest for meaning.

Who is the author of Hell’s Paradise?

Yuji Kaku wrote Hell’s Paradise. His other work, Ayashimon, is also well known.

Where can I read the Hell’s Paradise manga?

Hell’s Paradise can be read on official sites like Viz Media and Shonen Jump. It is also possible to buy the manga on Amazon.

Are there any major differences between the Hell’s Paradise manga and anime?

The anime stays very true to the book, but scenes are sometimes shortened to keep the story moving. The manga goes into more depth about some character development and story points.

What other anime are similar to Hell’s Paradise?

Fans of Hell’s Paradise might like shows like Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer. The stories in these books are both very intense and have dark fantasy themes.