Damn Them All #1: A comic Constantine fans need to check out

Oct 24, 2022

Mad Cave Studios


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Dirty, dark and magic. Not “magical” — no, that’s not at all a word I’d use to describe the first issue of Boom’s new series, Damn Them All.

Yes, magic promises to very much be at the center of this title. So in a very basic sense, you could say this story is “magical.” But I’d argue that’s a misleading descriptor. Because “magical” also could mean there’s room for hope and delight in the story.

And I’ll tell you right now, it does not feel like there’s room for any of that in Simon Spurrier and Charlie Adlard’s title.

BOOM Studios
Written by: Simon Spurrier
Art by: Charlie Adlard
Colors by: Sofie Dodgso with assists by Shayne Hannah Cui
Letters by: Jim Campbell

This very much has Hellblazer vibes to it. Makes sense, given the magic and London backdrop, along with Spurrier having written John Constantine not long ago. (Spurrier or BOOM may have even mentioned the similarities leading up to the release of this issue.) This title’s main character, Ellie Hawthorne — or “Bloody ‘El,” as some know her — gives off very similar vibes.

But even for those who might think they feel too similar, there’s a lot of room for another dark, untrustworthy mage in comics. Especially since we hardly see any of the leading one these days.

On top of introducing the main character, Spurrier and Adlard set the tone for the world readers are stumbling into. Like Newburn from Image Comics, we see our main character working on behalf of some questionable individuals. All the while, Adlard and Sofie Dodgso combine to give this story an unsettling aesthetic.

In every sense, Damn Them All is a very promising start for BOOM’s new horror comic.

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