‘Daredevil’ two-part season two trailer features Punisher and Elektra


Other than the uber violent anti-hero vigilante Punisher, Daredevil season two will feature Elektra Natchios (Elodie Young), as seen in the second part of the DD trailer. As with Punisher, Matt will have quite the adversary here too. Punisher, in terms of the physical, and Elektra the mental. She’s a former love interest of his, and we’re shown a quick slow-mo shot of her having an intimate no included moment with someone…hmm. Who could it be? (cough, cough Matt)

Now, Punisher and Elektra aren’t going to be in DD’s way for too much of the new season, you’d have to assume. These are two people he differs with in how to handle certain situations but all of their ultimate goals is justice. So who’s going to be the big-bad? My hope is Wilson Fisk makes a return. But who else could it be? The Hand was named dropped in the latest trailer. This order of mystical ninjas could make for some very interesting episodes to come because in the comics it goes up against The Chaste, a band of warriors led by Stick (Scott Glenn). Need I really introduce him? Go re-binge the entirety of season paying close attention to the aptly titled episode “Stick.”

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March 18, c’mon already.




Okay, before anything else, man, does Jon Bernthal look baaddd ass as Frank Castle/Punisher or what?

The first season of Daredevil was really dark only to be one-upped by the creep factor of Jessica Jones. What I like so much about these Marvel Netflix series so far are how unique each is from the MCU and one another. For DD season two, it looks as if Bernthal is going to bring a gravitas it missed its first time out. There was a sloppy nature to the build up toward Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) donning the iconic red suit.

As you already know by reaching this part of the post is the official DD season two part one trailer posted today. You read that right: part one. The next part is set to drop next week, February 25, presumably from where it left off with Murdock saying “Hello, Elektra.”

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Ugh, we’re still a month away — March 18 — from DD returning to binge to our instant gratification’s content. Until then watch and, of course, re-watch this trailer and the first season of the show. And shameless plug, but please do go read my season one review of DD in which I said it’s the “best book comic book show on TV.” (Shh, I’ll be back to review season two.)

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