‘Daredevil’ Villain Nuke Might Be Apart of ‘Jessica Jones’; ‘Thunderbolts’ Coming Soon?

Oct 12, 2015


Aussie actor Wil Traval mentioned to IGN a bit of details concerning his mysterious NYPD character on Jessica Jones. Seemingly revealing that he’s actually playing an updated MCU version of Frank Miller’s Daredevil villain Frank Simpson aka Nuke.

In the interview he alluded to Simpson’s post-Vietnam War origin being reinvented for the series, I assume to fit with the post-Iraq era we live in now. He also mentioned on Twitter his character’s name is Wil Simpson, likely not to get confused with fellow military veteran Frank Castle. Along with re-tweeting a tweet that he’s indeed playing Nuke.


Created for by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, Nuke (real name Frank Simpson) was a disturbed, cybernetically-altered ex-soldier notable for having an American flag tattooed on his face. Initially, Nuke was hired by Kingpin to exterminate Daredevil. He was part of a super-soldier program that enhanced his abilities. He can alter his adrenaline levels and strength with pills.


He also just happens to be yet another member of the Thunderbolts that will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, others include newer members Elektra and The Punisher, who will be apart of Daredevil season two. Another two members will be featured in Captain America: Civil War with it’s leader Baron Zemo, the group’s namesake General “Thunderbolt” Ross aka Red Hulk.

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Another member just happened to be the third Ant-Man, former SHIELD Agent Eric O’Grady.

Simpson has also had run-ins with Captain America and Wolverine, there was a point where it was teased he could have been apart of Captain America 3.

We’ve been hearing for a while that James Gunn he had talked to Marvel about his desire for a Thunderbolts project, but more recently downplayed his intentions.

Could we possibly see a Thunderbolts series or film in the near future?





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