Dark Knights Of Steel #1 (Review)

Nov 1, 2021

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Go in with no expectations, and Tom Taylor weaves a tale that is both mind-blowing and original. Go in with the highest expectations, and you’ll still fall in love with this comic. Dark Knights of Steel #1 is an elseworlds tale that changes the history of some of DC Comics biggest characters. With that change, comes some medieval Knights of Round Table dialogue and a story worth cheering for.

DC Comics
Written By: Tom Taylor
Art and Colors: Yasmine Putri
Letters By: Wes Abbott


Tom Taylor loves to take established DC characters and totally flip them on their heads. He has done it with Injustice, DCeased and now Dark Knights of Steel. With issue #1 he takes the history and origin of Superman, Batman, other DC heroes and Supervillains and takes them medieval. Lara and Jor-El escape Krypton along with their infant son and land in the time of horses , knights and court jesters. Wow that sounds a lot like present day DC. The result is a fresh tale of the heroes we think know so well. Batman has his Robins and Alfred still. Instead of the Batmobile he rides horseback. instead of technology and gadgets, we have magic and heavy swords. The world that Taylor is going to unfold over the 12 issues of this event will be a site to behold.

Superman and Batman play a heavy role in this first issue, as there stories and there past are more intertwined than usual. Constantine, Black Lighting, and others make an appearance as well. Taylor also likes to use the DC rolodex with his comics, and Dark Knights of Steel #1 is no different. The story moves at great pace, and packs a lot of exposition and story beats into its roughly 30 page first issue.


Yasmine Putri does double duty working both the art and colors. Artists who do double/triple duty should always be commended. Personally the art style and colors is not my favorite. The panel placement and page layouts all make for an easy on the eyes read though. Character designs is where the art really shines though. Batman in full armor in particular is a huge stand out. There are other characters that you know and love from Gotham City that I won’t give away, but they are drawn perfectly for the medieval setting. One thing the colors do well, albeit still not my favorite style, is that they express the mood. Foreshadowing through the art is usually underrepresented, so it should be a pleasure for the reader to see that here in issue #1.

FInal Thoughts

Writer alone, Dark Knights of Steel #1 from DC Comics should be on your pull-list. Tom Taylor has some of the hottest titles for DC and Marvel, with Son of Kal-El and Dark Ages. Add in the wicked concept and some art that breathes life into the story and the mythology. What you have then is a must buy on day one. Get it before its gone.