Dark Nights: Death Metal #5 (REVIEW)

Nov 17, 2020

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Dark Nights: Death Metal #5
DC Comics

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo
Inks by: Jonathan Glapion
Colors by: FCO Plascencia
Letters by: Tom Napolitano

Since Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 or so, it’s felt like there’s no chance DC’s heroes work their way out of the mess they’ve been presented with.

Of course, that happens in plenty of stories, yet the heroes always find a way to save the day — without anyone paying to hefty a price. But that’s not how Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo work. They never take the easy road out. Everything that happens from page-to-page matters, and that means some serious stuff is set to go down.

In Dark Nights: Death Metal #5, we get a great idea of the story’s direction. If you care about DC Comics one bit, it’s imperative you pay attention to Dark Nights Death Metal.

And if you’ve been out of the DC game for a bit and are thinking about hopping back on for DC Future State in January, getting in on Dark Nights: Death Metal will only enhance your experience.

It’s been a wild ride so far with some amazing one-offs and some jaw-dropping moments. Snyder and Capullo were given this amazing opportunity with this event and have crushed each issue — whether it’s the story, dialogue or art.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Dark Nights Death Metal #5 ahead.)

I legitimately had an audible reaction to Lex Luthor’s plan. So much can happen if this goes right — and that’s not necessarily great for the people trying to do good. But that’s how things should be. There needs to be real risk for these characters.

Snyder does a great job of creating that uneasiness by creating this impossible-to-complete task, only to then whack you over the head with a solution that can lead to so much more than a resolution to the conflict.

And when Snyder winks at readers through Wonder Woman’s comments — essentially saying, “Remember when I said this?” — I couldn’t help but laugh. He and Capullo knew they were going to rock DC fans’ world from start to finish.

Can’t say it enough: very excited to see how this wraps up.

Score: 9.5