Jan 5, 2022


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In 2001s The Mummy Returns, hero Rick O’Connell reminds his wife how naive she once was to think nothing bad could happen by reading from a book. Much like the characters in that film many of Marvels top heroes now find themselves facing dark forces. In the pages of Darkhold Omega # 1 readers discover the fate of the terrifying tome. And of those who sought to control it.

Darkhold Omega # 1

Marvel Comics

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Cian Tormey
Inkers: Roberto Poggi w/ Marc Deering & Walden Wong
Color Aritst: Jesus Aburtov
Letterer and Production: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Over the past month readers have been able to follow along with the Scarlet Witch’s chosen team as they deal with the affects of reading from the Darkhold. Now Blade, Wasp, Iron Man, Black Bolt and Spider-Man have returned from their trip into these alternate lives. And they are seeing red and out for blood. Not a good time to be named the Scarlet Witch. While long time fans have seen variations on their favorite heroes I have to admit this is the most sinister vision of these individuals to date. In terms of both design and dialogue these are extreme takes on these characters. Writer Steve Orlando does a fantastic job keeping their banter from teetering into corny villainy. I would have to say Wasp is by far the most extreme makeover, except maybe the wardrobe but then again Janet has always had style.

Despite their villainous behavior, the corrupted Spider-Man did make an important point. How much information did Wanda give them about how reading from the Darkhold would affect them? Readers may be shocked to discover how this question resonates differently once you witness the issues outcome.

Wanda is able to teleport the team away to their ultimate task, destroying Chthon. The team however sees it as an opportunity to slay Chthon and claim his throne. They take to attacking his soldiers showcasing the type of teamwork you would expect from demonically possessed heroes. Of course that was just a warm up as Chthon has been waiting and starts to take them all down despite the help from a “newly returned hero”. Between this startling return to Marvel and the issues ending I don’t think this ends the story of the Darkhold. Eventually the final battle finds Wanda and Doom teamed together against Chthon. When the entirety of the plan is revealed you may wonder if anyone else read from the Darkhold.

Between her participation in the Trial of Magneto and this series it would be hard to not notice Wanda is trending in the Marvel Universe. The only concern is that after the events of Darkhold Omega # 1 it may be for all the wrong reasons.

Score: 8.7