Darth Sparrow’s Toy Reviews: The Wolverine from Marvel Select.

Nov 16, 2013

Hello inter-webs, my name is Will (a.k.a. Darth Sparrow). Welcome to my first-ever toy review. I have been collecting toys all of my life, so I figured, “why not write reviews about the cool collectibles that I buy?” So without further ado, here is my first ever toy review!

So for future reference, I have decided to rate all toys and collectibles on an 1 through 5 scale, 1 being the worst possible rating and 5 being the best. There will be 5 categories in which each item will be rated upon:

Sculpts and Paint
Accessories and Extras
Pose-ability and Play-ability
Overall Score.

Now that we have that settled …. On with the toys! ­čÖé

Today’s review brings us one very badass toy! The Wolverine from Marvel Select. This figure is based on the likeness of Hugh Jackman as seen in the movie The Wolverine.



The Wolverine figure comes in this beautiful four-color window box packaging! There is a really cool sticker with simulated claw marks on the front cutting through what looks like a red sun. The package is very open and all of the figures accessories can been seen.


On the side of the package there is an awesome bit of artwork that shows Logan with his claws crossed across his chest. In my opinion, Marvel Select is catering to the collector who doesn’t open figurine boxes. You can see all of it’s beauty right there without opening it. This package would look amazing on a shelf or hanging on a wall. I give this figure a 5 on packaging.

Sculpts and Paint:


This is figure is so brilliantly sculpted that I almost cried when I opened it. ┬áSeriously though, it’s a nice-looking sculpt. This figure was designed and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios and, boy, they hit this one out of the park. The stoic look on this particular head sculpt is undoubtedly Hugh Jackman! The fact that this level of detail is on a 7 inch figure is even more amazing! The skin tone is a great color and there are even small hairs on the chest and forearms. The pants that he wears are a perfect army green color and also feature flecks of orange and tan on the pants to simulate dirt and dust. The paint is very clean and beyond well-done! I have a total of 12 Marvel Select figures in my collection and, next to my Iron Man Mark VI, this is my second favorite! Again I have to give this a 5.

Accessories and Extras:


As if this figure wasn’t amazing already, they gave us an amazing amount of perfectly detailed accessories! There are a total of three interchangeable heads: straight-faced, angry sneer, and full on berserker face. I think the straight-faced one is the best likeness of Hugh Jackman, but the other two are great as well. There are also three pairs of hands: no claws, adamantium claws, and bone claws. The bone claws even have the bumps and ridges that the bone claws had in the films. They literally gave us every essential face and claw combination we could possibly need. The final accessory that we get is the samurai sword. In the film it’s a very important element that drives the plot and it’s nice that they included it. It has the essential diamond pattern on the handle and silver-toned blade with brass-colored accents. Again I have to give this a 5!

Pose-ability and Play-ability:


This figure comes with a whopping 16 POINTS of articulation … WOW! You get some really great joints on this figure that really help with making all kinds of crazy cool poses! There is a ball and hinge joint at the shoulder, a forward (as well as side-to-side) joint at the hips, and joints above the boots and at the ankles.



I would say the only possible thing they missed was a joint at the waist (but they did give us one above the abs). Because of that I will give it a 4.5 in this category.


This figure is absolutely amazing! In the land of 7-inch scale figures, Marvel select has some of the best out there. I paid $24.99 and got an amazingly sculpted and well-made figure that looks great next to my Avengers set up. It’s fun, moves great, and is a fine representation of Wolverine. For that I give The Wolverine an overall score of 5 out of 5! It’s a must have for any Marvel, X-men, or Wolverine fan.

So there you have my first review. Just a regular review from a regular guy who loves toys. Thanks for reading. Until next time!