DASTARDLY & MUTTELY #4 Exclusive Preview

DASTARDLY & MUTTELY #4 Exclusive Preview

The world is turned upside down and it’s up to Lt. Col. Richard “Dick” Atcherly and Captain Dudley “Mutt” Muller to save the day even if it means facing off against their own team. Check out this high-flying issue as it hits shelves next week. In the meantime, GWW has your exclusive preview below:

The United States government is in crisis. Unexplained and dubious phenomena are causing widespread disruption across the Capitol and beyond as General Harrier heads to the Senate to address the uncontrollable effects of Unstabilium as it spreads around the world. Meanwhile, Dastardly and Muttley are off the leash as they battle their former friends in the U.S. military! 

DC Comics
Written By: Garth Ennis
Art By: Mauricet
Cover By: Mauricet
Release Date Dec 6, 2017

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