Day of Infamy Preview

Nov 5, 2016

Day of Infamy caught my eye about a month or two ago with graphics that impressed as a WWII themed online FPS.  Having had my hands on it for a little while now, I’ve gotten a feel for it and am happy to say this is a great start to a game.

Day of Infamy is still in Early Access, and while normally on sale for $19.99, can be picked up at the time of this writing for $14.99 (  For both prices, I can say that this is worth it.  With the primary focus being on capture and advance maps, the historical battles that are played out from the different perspectives of the different factions and the historical use of guns, this game brings them all together into a challenging, enjoyable experience, even if I do die a lot.  The game play itself is smooth, the gun play is nice and satisfying, and the detail in the world is perfect.  There isn’t so much it feels super stylized, but there isn’t too little where it feels cheap.

I have to also admit that I really like where the graphics are with this game.  It doesn’t look cheap, but it’s not overly cartoon-y or stylized either, which makes for a nice challenge when trying to see the enemy players off in a distance.  Speaking of not being able to see the enemy, and something I genuinely enjoyed about playing the game, was the fact that so many times I had no idea how or where I was being killed from.  There is certainly a learning curve to this game, and if you happen to be someone who get’s overly frustrated playing something like Overwatch, even, you might end up regretting this game.  However, if you enjoy a challenge and learning new mechanics and skills to master a game, you will take pleasure in killing others without their knowing what hit them.

Now, while I didn’t notice a ton of cheating going on while I played the game and during my testing, the game is based on Source Engine, which has been known to have it’s issues with cheaters.

For more and some game play, check out the video below for more.