DC Artist Alley: The Flash and Nightwing Black & White Review

Feb 12, 2019


DC Collectibles brings the heat again once again as we take a look at these limited edition Black & White figures from artists Chirs Uminga and Hainanu “Nooligan” Saulque.

Breaking the sound barrier despite his ghostly appearance the Chris Uminga Flash Black & White figure is gothically ghoulish while being oddly adorable. Sculpted by Joe Mena and standing 6.44 inches tall this limited edition piece perfectly oozes Uminga’s style and its only enhanced by the dreary grays, blacks, and whites. Looking like he popped out of a  50s horror movie featuring Superheroes this Barry Allen still expresses his can-do attitude with a pose and a smirk that say “You can run but you can’t hide.”  The subtle touches like creese lines and the shading around the eyes really give the piece the appearance of 3D comic book art. The only part that is confusing about this piece is the dust cloud that follows Barry on the stand, as his pose gives the appearance that he is setting up to take action, not that he is running or sliding to a stop. It’s a minor complaint and I do appreciate the enhancement to the stand either way.

There is little not to love about this piece and while it is unusual I still find it insanely charming and haunting. But if your a diehard Flash fan you may find the devoid of color and grim design a bit out of character for this speedster so I would understand if this piece doesn’t appeal to everyone. For the $40 price tag and the fact, these are limited to 500, if you see one I suggest picking it up. It’s odd, charming, comicbooky and fun all in a very retro feeling package. From me it gets 9.0-speed force jumps out of 10.

Now, onto Batman’s favorite sidekick turned protector of Bludhaven, Nightwing. Hainanu “Nooligan” Saulque designs a super stylish, skater-boy Nightwing that maybe one of my favorite looks for the character to date. Standing 7.15 inches tall and Sculpted by Paul Harding, this statue will make teen girls swoon and adult men glare in envy as Nooligan’s Nightwing is almost too much cool to handle. Sporting a nunchucks and a lettermen jacket over a much more stylized and form-fitting version of his comic book attire Dick Grayson has never looked or felt this cool. Calm, cool, and collected, this Dick Grayson is ready for action but appears to take his position as a crime fighter much more leisurely than his doppelgangers.

There is literally nothing I don’t love about this piece. The shading is perfect, the subtle nods to the character on the Jacket are a great design choice, and the slight highbrow raise and haphazard smirk really sell this particular versions lax attitude. Nooligan’s design not only makes a great showpiece but its also something I would love to see in live action or even cosplayed. It’s really a perfect look for this character and again with a low end $40 price tag and limited availability of 500 if you find these piece I implore you to grab it, hold tight, and don’t let go till its home and proudly displayed on your shelf. Nooligan’s Nightwing gets 10 former sidekicks out of 10 from me.

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