DC’s ‘Doom Patrol’ Adds Devan Chandler Long As Flex Mentallo

Apr 29, 2019

The Hero Of The Beach is here!

‘Bosch’ alum Devan Chandler Long will play Flex Mentallo in this week’s episode of ‘Doom Patrol.’

Long is best known for his roles in ‘The Magicians,’ ‘Bosch,’ and Marvel’s ‘Runaways.’

Flex Mentallo was created by Grant Morrison and first appeared in Doom Patrol #35. Flex was a scrawny kid who liked to hang out at the beach, but was often bullied. Meeting a man with a TV for a head, he was given a pamphlet with instructions on how to become a strongman. After following them, he tripled in size and became “the hero of the beach.”

‘Doom Patrol’ episode 12 hits DC Universe on Friday.

Source: Warner Bros. Televison