Deadman is Trapped in A Gothic Romance in “Deadman” Book Two (Review)

Dec 7, 2016

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deadman_2Deadman Book Two
DC Comics

Written by: Sarah Vaughn
Illustrated by: Lan Medina
Color Art by: Jose Villarubia
Letters by: Janice Chiang
Cover Art by: Stephanie Hans

Boston Brand finds himself trapped in a Gothic mansion full of mysteries unable to escape. A young woman staying at the mansion with her boyfriend has her own secrets which involve her ability to speak with and see the dead. The spirit of a murdered bride haunts the corridors searching for peace and an encompassing dark entity that seems to be stalking both the living and the dead are all trapped within the strange walls of Glencourt manor.deadman02_3

Deadman finds himself pulling triple duty as he has to juggle the mysterious murder tormenting the ghost of Adelia Ruskin, protecting himself, Adelia and reluctant medium Berenice from the dark force stalking them throughout the manor, but also find a way to free himself from the Gothic prison for which he finds himself. Vaughn has crafted a multi-layered mystery in this story that engages the reader to find out more. Splitting the narrative between the voices of Deadman and Berenice gives a broader overall tale that doesn’t waste either character. You become interested in Berenice’s complicated personal story as well as Boston’s angst at his purpose as Deadman.

Medina and Villaruba skillfully create a Gothic pallet in the panels that are like an Edgar Allen Poe poem brought to life. The detailed backgrounds enhance the richness of the colors in the foreground characters. I cannot wait for the conclusion of this story because it has drawn me in completely.

Deadman Book 2 boasts some impressive visual flair in the look of the characters with an engaging, multi-layered plot that serves the overall story effectively.