Deadpool 2 Blu-ray and Bonus Features Review

Aug 8, 2018

Deadpool 2
20th Century Fox 

Directed by: David Leitch
Written by: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick & Ryan Reynolds
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, Jack Kesy, T.J. Miller 

The second Deadpool film definitely had many things that I anticipated. A lot of laughs, puns with tons of  racy jokes and remarks. It also had a little that I didn’t expect, more of a real superhero element. Even as he says in the beginning. Yes that sounds crazy talking about the ‘Merc with the mouth’, even though we had seen bits and pieces in the first movie. To me, part one was mostly all for shock value. I really, really f*cking loved the first(I thought the f-word was appropriate for this review) but this showed a bit more of Wade Wilson’s not just hilarious side. F isn’t just for..well, I used that word already, in this movie it also stands for family. It starts out hilarious and actually kind of horrifying. His usual Wolverine jokes then it gets super dark. Flashback to 6 weeks prior as we find out why. The only thing Wade cares about is taken from him. That’s why he pulled a bit of an ‘Old Man Logan’.

I’m not going to lie it was a bit of a slow start. Honestly I couldn’t understand how Deadpool was a different person in his costume than Wade was in his Pj’s but after his loss we see why he goes into his, shall we say, “sh*t storm” mode. After he meets up with the crew and becomes the X-man “in training” he quickly gets fired and lands himself in Mutant Prison with a young chubby mutant who calls himself Fire Fists. To me up until this point this was mostly just following the format of the first film. His cockiness was still getting him in trouble and the one-liners etc. I could see something sparked in him with that kid. Enter Cable (Josh Brolin). Just like Terminator, he’s there from the future to kill the mutant child. I really enjoyed Brolin’s Cable, but up until the plot was explained involving his role, it really could’ve been almost any villain with limited abilities fighting Deadpool throughout. I feel like the studio had oversold him since end credits of the first movie. Then he became more involved to where the story was heading and clearly into a third film.

The auditions for X-Force and its cameos were awesome and of course, hilarious. They really hid the fact that we’d see Brad Pitt’s face for about 10 seconds and…how we’d be seeing it. I can’t talk about this without of course mentioning Peter. The resident straight-laced man with a magnificent mustache who just ‘saw the ad’. RIP. You died a hero. Domino (Zazie Beetz) stole the show for a huge chunk of the 2nd half of the film. She owned Deadpool when he said luck couldn’t be a superpower. Here’s where I start to see a huge change in the formula. It became more like other superhero films while also being totally different than others. Which is what the Studio and director were going for  *See Bonus Feature Reviews*  Wade realizes where his heart needs to be, since Vanessa has been telling him it’s not where it belongs, and he believes it to be with the child Fire Fists. Too bad, as usual, Wade had already royally screwed that up and pushed the kid toward the biggest guy in prison. His exact advice. Turned out that was Juggernaut! Cable finally reveals the reason he’s there to kill the kid, to save tons of lives. Including his family’s. The whole family and X-force thing came back into play. I really saw it. Not just the comical side of he and Colossus and I’m calling her Kitty Pride, but with more emotional backing. Domino wasn’t only in it as a team member. She’s fine on her own. This was the orphanage she was tortured at growing up as well. Cable was even willing to give Deadpool 30 seconds to save the boy. The emotional responses triggered by all these characters triggered mine.

When Colossus showed up and fought Juggernaut to save his friend, he even decided to fight dirty. Saying for once, Wade was right. How he fought him was freaking Savage. The relationship between those two was actually showcased pretty heavily. They’re actually finally really close friends and Wade even lets him in and admits it. When He saved Wade it was emotional but I’m glad they threw that tiny bit of humor in. How Deadpool changes the boy’s fate also changed Cable’s. In the end, They basically saved each other. I was crying. I thought for a minute there they actually killed Wade Wilson. I mean, until the next film at least. Now we also get Cable as a new edition to the X-Force! Yes Wade. He did it for you. I will say this. The post credit scenes were better than the 1st half of the movie. I was rolling. Someone should give him the device to go back in time. No “Perfect Dead-Pool or CGI Green Lantern.

I’d also like to add this. My name is Kristel spelled with a K. It is NOT too “strippery”!

Deadpool 2: Supercut (Featurette)

To be honest it wasn’t anything I needed to see directly after the movie. But it’s great to watch for your rewatch session!

Blooper Reel 

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are almost one and the same so his bloopers didn’t seem like bloopers, however, Josh Brolin is hilarious on set when he screws up. He and the biker guy that gives Wade his wisdom at the bar were fantastic in this bonus feature.

Family Values: Cast and Characters

They discuss a lot of the things I actually said in the review of the film. There’s a lot more going on in the sequel than just fart and dick jokes. They say a lot of the sequel is dealing with death and being vulnerable and the reactions to it. Letting people in and form a so-called family. The relationship between Colossus and Wade is touched on a lot. Some of the same reason I loved the movie.

David Leitch not David Lynch: Directing Deadpool 

David Leitch is actually a former stuntman and learning all the things I did in this feature made certain things in the movie stand out more. He was able to use less CGI by even trying to bring the stuntman out of the actors. The fact that they all said he made them feel at ease was noticeable. He actually took the job because the description he was given of what they wanted was ‘The appearance of a big Superhero movie, but not a big Superhero movie’.

Our Lips are Sealed: Secrets and Easter Eggs 

when I saw this I was honestly shocked! Matt Damon was actually one of the rednecks in the scene when Cable bursts in asking what year it is. The discussion they’re having about toilet paper versus we think wipes is a huge debate. There were more in here I didn’t even notice at first. You may need a rewatch after seeing these.

Until You’re Face Hurts: Alt Takes 

Getting to see the writers and cast talk about how they all fit together was great. They all say Ryan is Deadpool in and off service. No one knows which take will land on screen. There’s so much improve. Josh Brolin admitting he wasn’t sure where he as Cable would blend in. I think he did fantastically.

Roll with the Punches: Action and Stunts 

There a hell of a lot of stunts. Obviously. I find it interesting seeing who do performing some of the stunts. The stunt double or the actor. There is a lot of work that goes into the behind the scenes action in this movie. There were a lot of practical effects as opposed to CGI.

Deadpool 2: The Prison Experiment

The Mutant prison in the mountains known as “The Icebox” is a set that’s a totally separate world in itself competing with Marvel movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s a huge challenge this bonus feature walks you through it. No CGI again. All through the prison, there are mutants that are familiar from the X-men universe. It’s pretty amazing to see broken down. When Cable comes and destroys it, it’s even cooler. All the way from the concept art that’s shown.

The most Important X-Force Member

Peter. The guy who “Just saw the ad”. After the trailer, they had us so pumped for him and the rest of The X-Force. They tell him they’re killing him in 3 minutes. Poor Peter. His response was the same as mine. F*ck this.

Chess with Omega Red (Featurette) 

Literally about 2 minutes of chess with Omega Red. His make up is cool?

Swole and Sexy (Featurette)

They’re talking about having to work out and try to stay in shape at their ages. Josh Brolin is 50 years old. Ryan Reynolds is getting there. They’d both have the biggest senses of humor about it. This was a fun 5 minutes.

3-Minute Dialogue (Featurette)

Josh Brolin rambles on about a few things involving his character and his look. Also Dubstep. I think that’s what it’s called? Even though it’s mentioned 30 times in the movie. It almost sounded like Dub stop. I’m just as clueless as he is.

Deadpool’s Fun Sac 2 (Featurette)

This was the preview we saw with Deadpool trying to change in the phone booth like Superman and failing epically with the Stan Lee cameo. It’s the Deadpool fun that’s expected. Also an extended version. The Bob Ross sneak peek as well. As funny as the first time.

Deadpool 2: Deleted/Extended scenes

One of them was clearly from the postcard credit scenes. Not able to kill baby Hitler. Useless to me. Neither were needed. Still funny.