Feb 8, 2022


Deadpool ventures to the land of the rising sun, to join the Avengers! Now, that I have your attention strap in for the masterfully crafted collaboration between Marvel and Shonen Jump. The epicness that follows will leave all Deadpool fans in awe. Deadpool Samurai. Vol 1 brings Deadpools flair over to manga, and boy did they go full out.


Written by: Sanshiro Kasama
Art by: Hikaru Uesugi
Lettering by: Walden Wong


The Merc with a Mouth with his over-the-top antics, shoot first ask questions later, the fourth wall breaking menace has landed. And in typical Deadpool fashion, he landed with a BANG. But has the anti-hero changed his ways? Seeing that he is serialized. Short answer No. He is still the cuddly yet over-friendly force of nature we know and love. So, what is the story, why is Deadpool in Tokyo? Well, that is because Iron Man invited Mr. Pool to join the newest outfit of the Avengers – The Samurai Squad.

What follows is typical Deadpool fashion, bang, slash, boom, and kaboom. Well-timed one-liners, some censorship, references to marvel and jump characters, and a lot of laughs. But, before you think he is alone on this adventure there is quite a couple of big names appearing in this Deadpools newest adventure.

The Art and Style.

The art and style are what you would typically expect from manga and a jump series. Except for the Marvel characters who are drawn familiarly. Although the Marvel characters find themselves in a manga, you will have no problem identifying who is who. It is the perfect balance between comic book art and manga art. This helps tremendously with the flow from panel to panel. And above all the action sequences are exceptionally well-drawn.

Final Thought.

With Deadpool Samurai: Vol 1 we get to see our favorite Merc in a new setting. The villains and the plot fit right in with what you would expect from a good overall story. You can also see in the writing and art that they had a blast with the characters and that there is a good understanding of what makes these characters tick. Overall if you are a fan of Deadpool you must dive into this manga series.

Score: 8.5