May 10, 2022

So, it begins

The wait is over and we as English readers have the pleasure of diving headfirst back into the universe of Death Note. Yes, back to Kira and Ryuk and even L. From series creators, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata we get a chance to experience Death Note from a whole new angle. We all had our questions and we all pondered the question how else can you use the Death Note. Well, this compilation of short stories will give you the answers you have been waiting for.

Viz Media

Story by: Tsugumi Ohba
Art by: Takeshi Obata
Release Date: 10 May 2022 (Paperback and Digital)

What do we get?

In short, we get short stories and 4-panel comics. Two stories playoff after the events of the original run, where we get to see how others use the supernatural notebook, or how they don’t. What we also get is more back story on the original L. With two stand-alone stories diving into what made L well L. The, there are the 4-panel comics, well thought out and well-executed the strangest thing is they added it to the middle of the stories, as to break the intensity and just to take a breather before continuing with the journey.

Let’s be honest the world of Death Note is dark and intense and extremely serious. And it should be. That is why the 4-panel comics hit like a breath of fresh air, seeing the characters that are always serious and intense, in a light where they are normal human beings dealing with normal stuff works well and makes them more human in a sense. Even Ryuk comes across as more human in these little comics.

The more serious stories are sequels to the original series although the last story feels and reads more like a prequel. Does it offer up a lot of details to some burning questions? Yes and no. Through these stories, we learn that the actions Light Yagami took and how he used the Death Note were certainly not the only way that it could have been used. Thus it makes the actions that Light took and the way that he used the Death Note more merciless and cruel.

The Art and Style

The art for Death Note is really something else, it has a way of creating atmosphere even in the dullest of panels. It sets the mood and perfectly captures the emotions of the characters. The art fits the style and it sets the pace for the world of Death Note. This is art at its best.

Final Thoughts.

This is one for the fans of the original series or dare I say fans of the anime as well. Hear me out, even though some anime fans don’t read the manga they will grasp what is actually going on. As to people new to the series, this might seem a bit baffling. But for fans of Death Note, this is a must. A welcome return to one of the best manga series ever.

Score: 9