Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table Is A Kickstarter Comic That Needs Your Help!!

Feb 3, 2015

Mad Cave Studios


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coverpromoOn January 26th Kickstarter campaign for DEATH SAVES: FALLEN HEROES OF THE KITCHEN TABLE, an all-new comic book anthology launched. Featuring 15 full-color stories from a worldwide team of creators, Death Saves explores what happens to fantasy gaming characters when they run out of hit points.


Death Saves is the work of over 30 creators, including some of the best up-and-coming talents in comics. Travis Ames, Tara Madison Avery, Steven Bagatzky, Matthew Blake, Kevin Budnik, Tomasz “Spell” Grządziela, Rob Hebert, Austin Hamblin, James Kersey, Jonathan Lareva, Cecilia Latella, Ryan Little, Keith McLean, Dijibril Morissette-Phan, Ryan Nichols, Chris Northrop, Timathy Quam, Michael Schisler, Michael Sebastian, SM Vidaurri, Jeremy Wetzel, and Josh Zingerman!

Some of the tales in Death Saves are funny, others tragic, others something else entirely. Every gaming table is different. However, one constant is that the real relationships between players impacts the fantasy characters’ fates as much as the dice do. Death Saves was created and edited by Josh Trujillo (Love Machines, Anything That Loves).Death_Saves_Loot_02

The opening of this collection will feature a forward by noted game designer and Dungeon World co-creator Adam Koebel. In addition, several artists have pitched in to do special illustrations, puzzles, and maps. This includes: Ben Bishop, Kevin Castaniero, Shawn Daley, Jake Myler, Bill Roundy, Sam Schultz, Kevin Jay Stanton, Jason Thompson, Jesse “Zeus” Toves, and Tim Utsler.

Death Saves will be a 132 page, full-color, perfect bound softcover printed in digest format (5.5” x 7.75”) The book will feature an original wraparound cover from artist Jared Morgan.

Rewards for contributing towards the campaign include: physical and digital copies of Death Saves, a digital comics bundle featuring dozens of comics from Death Saves creators, original sketch cards, a signed print by illustrator Jesse “Zeus” Toves, a private editing session with Josh Trujillo, and a chance to have a beloved gaming character killed in the pages of Death Saves itself.
Retailer-exclusive rewards are also available for comic book and gaming stores. The highest reward level offers Southern California retailers an exclusive signing and in-store demo of their favorite RPG from several Death Saves creators.
Running for 45 days, the Death Saves Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise $3,500 to cover printing costs. Please contribute here:
Josh Trujillo is a writer based in Los Angeles. Originally an intern for Dark Horse, he has published stories through Archaia Entertainment and Northwest Press, among others. Josh and his work have been part of previous successful Kickstarter campaigns, including The Provider (2012), Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond Gay & Straight (2013), and Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime (2014). Last year he debuted his self-published comic book series Love Machines, which explores the connection between romance and technology.
A Game Master for over 15 years, Trujillo believes in the power of role-playing games to build literacy, creativity, and social skills. He was inspired to create this campaign to honor fantasy gaming heroes after many years of killing them off in evermore clever and devious ways. You can learn more about Josh and his comic work at, or by following him on social media @losthiskeysman.