Diamond Select Marvel Gallery Iron Fist Netflix Series Statue Review

Jul 22, 2018


This weekend we got our first look at Iron Fist, season 2 on Netflix and we thought this would be the perfect time to take an in-depth look at Danny Rand, The Immortal Iron Fist, through Diamond Select’s Marvel Gallery Iron Fist Netflix Series Statue. Danny Rand becomes the Immortal Iron Fist and he is lost to society as a young boy in a plane crash. Found by monks they take him their home the mysterious K’un Lun. There Danny trains his entire life to defeat the dragon Shou Lao, to become the protector of K’un L’un and the Immortal Iron Fist. When he returns to his home New York, Danny uses his skill and newfound power to defeat the villainous Red Hand.

Standing approximately 9 inches tall and ready for battle, this depiction of Finn Jones’ Danny Rand is minimalistic by also very detailed. And while Rocco Tartamella nails the looks of the show and most of Jones’ characteristics, the lack of fire and flare makes it feel like this statue is missing that much needed visual gut punch.

Tartamella’s head sculpt is pretty dead on to Finn Jones’ likeness, but if I am being completely honest, the jail line in Tartamella’s sculpt feels a little more masculine and doesn’t have the soft features of Jones. The rest of the piece though is pretty much flawless, even without a big effect or extremely dynamic pose, the statue is very detailed and is very accurate to the small screen portrayal of the character. The best part of the statue is no doubt the Shao Lou tattoo emblazoned across Rand’s chest. Everything in this portion of the statue is fantastic including the body sculpt and the jacket’s movement. I do wish the full tattoo was exposed but the sculpting and detail of the jacket are almost worth missing the right wing of the tattoo. The bottom half of the statue is pretty standard for this Netflix figures, jeans, boots and stand of rubble.

Unfortunately for this statue, it’s the weakest attribute should have been it’s most impressive and eye-catching. When Danny Rand ignites his power, his fist appears to glow nuclear yellow and in the comics will often appear to be on fire. The statue completely whiffs the display of the Iron Fist powers and this flaming fist feels more like a puff of smoke. The pose of the statue features Rand using his Iron Fist and he appears to be punching his enemies. But the only indication we get that the Iron Fist is activated is a slight orange hue on the fingers and knuckles. I’m not saying I need a full-on flaming fist but something other than an afterthought paint job would have been a fantastic addition to this piece.

I think I’ve said this in all of my statue reviews but if you are a fan of this character, this statue is a must own.  Discounting the lack of wow factor, this is a great looking statue. Compared to the Jessica Jones and Luck Cage sculpts there is a lot more going on here and Danny’s movement and the way its portrayed is definitely its best feature. If you not a Marvel Netflix fan you probably will have little interest in this piece. When you hear Iron Fist, you think fists of fire and Kung Fu but this statue doesn’t really feature either of those and it’s a bit disapoiting. Yes is pose is action packed and represents Martial Arts, and yes his fist is yellow but I was really looking for more and wanted this statue to be the most dynamic of the Defenders.

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