Diamond Select Marvel Gallery Thanos Gamestop Exclusive Statue (Review)

Sep 26, 2019

Thanos became a household name as he wrecked havoc on the Avengers during Marvel Studios mega hits Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Due the wild success of these films Thanos quickly become a pop culture icon and Marvel’s most infamous villain. But comics fans always knew the power of Thanos and most importantly they know THANOS ALWAYS WINS, even in statue form. Diamond Select offers an impression Thanos PVC statue exclusive to Gamestop stores. Grimacing on a pile of skulls this purveyor of death is as beautiful as he is dangerous.

Standing approximately 9 inches tall and sculpted by Phil Ramirez with a design by Caesar, this Thanos statue is simple but impressively terrifying. Top to the bottom the sculpt is almost flawless. It features minor details like the texture on his costume and the lines on his face which elevate the relatively basic pose. The coloring is also perfect as the suit again features a detailed paint job fanning a variety of blues, purples and golds, giving Thanos an extra layer of awesome. While Thanos’ face draws you attention its really his armor and gloves that will really draw you in. Giving his famous egar smile, this Thanos literally stands on a pile of death as he anxiously awaits his next challenge. Dawning his most powerful weapon The Infinity Gauntlet, this statue is poised to become the king of your collection.

I’ve starred at this bad boy for hours and only have one complaint, and concerning this character and his history with this item I am not sure how this was overlooked. The Gauntlet while beautifully rendered and designed is missing a stone. I knew, minor detail in the grand scheme of this statue but considering the character is not something I can easily overlook and am unsure how anyone else did either. And while we are on theĀ  topic of the Gauntlet, the pose Thanos is in, hides it’s most alluring features, making its presence seemingly pointless. It’s a really disappointing missed detail and I am still kind of in awe it happened.


I really dig this Thanos statue and you will too, its appropriately detailed, perfectly terrifying and outside of a misguided pose and a missing Mind Stone, its a beautiful piece. Comic and movie fans a like will stop dead in their tracks to gander and this wannabe God. It’s well worth the price and if you can look over a minor flaw its a villain that is poised to take over you collection.