Diamond Select Scarecrow Diorama (Review)

Oct 11, 2020

Halloween is near and I’m feeling especially spooky. And in my world there is no better way to celebrate the horrors of the holiday like taking a deep dive look at one of Batman’s most Hallows Eve appropriate baddies, The Scarecrow. Professor Jonathan Crane’s obsession with fear led him down a dark path of twisted psychiatry. Now he tortures his victims and the occationsal superhoer with a fear toxin designed to bring your greatest fears to life. Designed by Caesar and Scultped by Alterton this Scarecrow stands tall as his faces down his greatest foe once again.

The Scarecrow has had many looks over the years but the addition of burlap seams to be the underlying theme with all of them and this status is no exception. Dressed head to toe in a brown potato sack this Crane is still able to come across as a menacing, horrific figure. The piece itself is very brown although we get various shades the coloring leaves a little to be desired as from top hat to base the color doesn’t vary a lot. That being said the variations in color and fabric due allow the figure some much needed contrast and detail. The stitching and accessorizing ropes add the necessary details that turn a normally drab look into something terrifying.

The piece really sells itself with Cranes dead eye stare and frowning stitched smile. It’s hard not to stare into his face and image him starring right back. The liveliness of the figure is also displayed is Crane’s crocked, uneasy stance. His ghastly figure other furthers the effect of his soul sucking stare. And while I’m not a fan of the drab design choice pertaining to his costume, everything around it elevates what could have been a very basic piece. The stand is especially interesting as it feels a bit out of place, it’s hard to say where Crane is standing but the barbwire and oozing green goo are an interesting choice. I would have loved to seen him surrounded in fear toxin or in a graveyard as I’m not really sure what connection the stand has to the character.

I love this piece because its not only as awesome collectible but is also doubles as a unique Halloween decoration. There maybe too much brown and not enough action for your average collectible fan but Batman purest will find this a hard piece to pass up.

Score: 8.0