Diamond Select The Batman Who Laughs Statue Review

Oct 23, 2018

Halloween is almost upon us and it felt like a perfect time to take a deep dark look at one of DC Comics most vial and horrific new characters, The Batman Who Laughs via this frightening Diamond Select PVC Statue. Making his debut in Scott Snyder’s crossover epic Dark Nights Metal, this twistedly evil Batman instantly found his way into our nightmares. On an alternate earth in the Dark Multiverse, The Joker finally won, killing thousands and driving his lifelong rival to the brink of insanity. As Batman make the killing blow and finally put an end to the Joker’s madness, the clown prince of crime had the last laugh as he released a toxin that would make the Dark Knight his superior replacement. After destroying his Earth this maniacal Batman joined the forces of Barbatos and scoured the Dark Multiverse looking for other evil Batmen to join his ranks.

Fortunately for you, this is going to be a rather short review as this statue is absolutely stunning and makes a great accent piece surrounded by the rest of our Halloween decor. I love this piece and this character so much, I really haven’t stopped staring at this statue since it arrived. Designed by Caesar and sculpted by Alterton this menacing Batman stands about 9″ tall on a base of rubble holding the Justice League tarot card and rusty chain. The statue is subtly detailed but simple in its design as we don’t have really any big features/effects or outlandish colors and costumes. This piece is a goth kids dream as our Darkest of Knights, is draped in shades of black they give the statue a very worn and rusty look. A perfectly appropriate paint job for such a figure. The flowing black leather outfit is accented by some very metal accessories as buckles cover the chest and random stitching is scattered throughout the shoulder coverings. Small details that really make what could have been a drab black costume pop with so much needed gothic fashion mainstays.

The only real color that features on this piece is what makes this piece truly terrifying as Bruce dawns the iconic Joker makeup giving him a smile that could kill. The head sculpt is really what draws the eye the most with its long pointy ears, metal spike crown and that haunting, creepy smile that is so synonymous with The Joker. That smile, will keep you up and night and does a tremendous job and bringing this statue to life. The ear to ear s*%t eating grin isn’t the only great part about this statue as the Justice League tarot card and rusty chain bring not only some much-needed color to the piece but are great details from the comic that will make every Dark Night fan squeal with delight. The card and its detail especially show a tremendous amount of thought and care went into creating so a dark, evil and absolutely scary piece.

With Halloween around the corner, The Batman Who Laughs hits comic shops at the perfect time of year. This dark and frightening figure has made his presence known in the comics and now he is poised to make a statement as part of your collection. If bad guys are your bag, this one is the baddest of them all and worthy for a prime spot on your collectible shelf.

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