Diamond Select’s Tim Burton’s Batman Statue (Review)

Nov 24, 2020


Tim Burton’s Batman is arguably one of the greatest comic book characters to ever grace the silver screen. Unexpected star Michael Keaton embodies the role of both Bruce Wayne and the Caped Crusader in these Gothic tales of crime and super villains. These films set the tone for Batman for decades that continues even in present day and gave us one of the most iconic version of The Dark Knight ever. Diamond Select couldn’t have picked a better subject for their latest movie inspired statue.

Designed by Shawn Knapp and sculpted by Rocco Tartamella, this tribute to Burton’s Batman is a dark, haunting figure that flawlessly captures the beginning of an era for the Dark Knight. The figure stands on a beautiful piece of Gotham architecture while the mist of the city creeps to his feet. Standing tall with displaying himself and his cape in all their dark glory these statue is as beautiful as it is iconic. It’s hard to talk about such a wonderful piece without just saying it’s perfect and walking away, but god damn is this thing perfect.

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Batman stands atop a globe held by a cloaked figure. The sculpt itself is simple as the figure features little intricacies or hardcore details but they honestly aren’t needed or missed for this particular piece. While the Bat suit is the blackest of blacks an a flawless representation of his on screen counterpart, its the small face window that really sells this as Keaton’s Batman. It’s amazing how such a small portion of this statue can really bring it to life but it undoubtedly does. The artists really capture Keaton’s features in such a small space and it not only adds humanity and realism to the piece but is a spot on representation of the famed actor. The only flaw is a tiny one and its a paint blemish on the neck of out Caped Crusader, luckily is most unnoticeable but something I will need to try and rectify in the future.

Top to bottom this Burton Batman statue doesn’t miss a beat. While black is its most prominent feature its broken up with a little color thanks to the yellow oval and utility build which immediacy catch the eye against the pitch black suit. The stand itself is also very impressive and probably the most detailed part of the piece, and I love the extra added touch of the steam wafting up past the gargoyle and encroaching on Batman. This is a statue I honestly marvel at every day and will continue to do till the end of time.

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Whether your a fan of Batman, statues, or Michael Keaton this piece is a must own for any collector. It’s simply magnificent and all it’s missing is a recording of Keaton’s classic line “I’m Batman,”

Score: 9.8


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