Director James Wan rumored to be leaving “Aquaman” Film (UPDATED)

May 1, 2016


It appears the damage control in Burbank CA continues as Warner Bros. is still dealing with the repercussions of the negativity surrounding Batman V. Superman: Dawn Justice.  After in all likelihood departing ways with Flash director: Seth Graham-Smith, because the studio wanted exercise too much control of the young director it appears that Aquaman director: James Wan is looking for an out on the project.  All this is in response to the execs. at Warner’s putting creative constraints on their filmmakers working on DC projects, to avoid another Batman V. Superman media and fan outcry.

Mamoa BVS

All this wreaks of the old cliché of punishing the many for the sins of the few, or in this case the one (Zack Snyder).  It is truly sad that DC fans may potentially lose out on James Wan’s take on Aquaman in favor of a more cookie cutter approach.  WB has said from the get go that what will set their film’s apart from the MCU would be the filmmakers interpretation of their beloved and iconic characters. Instead it looks like WB is reigning that in in favor of a safer more MCU like approach.

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Personally I think this route is a mistake.  If DC tries to build a universe like Marvel’s it will fail, there has to be differentiation between the two film universes.  While there is nothing wrong with that differentiation on the DC side being that of a darker tone as opposed to Marvel’s more pulpy and vibrant world, the DC film universe still cannot be one devoid of hope if it wants to succeed.

(Source: Birth Movies Death)

Aquaman is supposed to hit theaters July 27th 2018

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UPDATE: Since this original post James Wan took to twitter, and tweeted the pic below to debunk any rumors that he is leaving Aquaman:


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