Discovery+ Ghostober

Sep 21, 2021

It’s that time of the year folks when spooky programming becomes more prevalent and easily accessible – Ghostober. AKA, the best time of the year, and why can’t all this programming be available all year round??

Discovery+ is no exception to the spooky programming roll-out, especially when it comes to their Travel Channel programming. Yes, all year round you can watch “Ghost Adventures” (which, I mean, c’mon, we all wanna watch that, right? I was obsessed with that show!), and even some lesser-known programming like “Making Monsters” (which is a personal favorite, as there’s nowhere else to watch it).

There’s paranormal programming galore, but during “Ghostober,” that programming has been kicked up a notch!

There will be more “Ghost Adventures,” a new series on the app called “The Haunted Museum,” which is a collaborative scripted creation from both Zak Bagans and Eli Roth (Ooh!). The first episode is called, “Dollhouse of the Damned,” and, honestly, color me intrigued!

ghostober lineup

Oh, wow, if I continue listing all the new series and specials, and new seasons of old favorites… we’d be sitting here reading a novel! I’m a huge fan of the paranormal, and Discovery+ is pulling out all the stops for paranormal goodness under the Travel Channel section of their app. However, if you don’t have the app, there will be some premieres on the actual Travel Channel… channel, like a new season of “Portals to Hell,” “Ghost Adventures,” “Haunted Hospitals,” “Paranormal Caught on Camera,” “The Dead Files” (another personal favorite!!), and even a new season of “The Osbournes Want to Believe.” Gotta give credit to Jack Osbourne for wanting to spend his time trying to make believers of his parents. Is it my cup of tea? No. Will I watch it anyway? Of course! I grew up watching their reality show, and now they’re involved with the paranormal? I gotta check it out.

The Travel Channel certainly has become a haven for paranormal lovers everywhere, and at any level. From “A Haunting” to “Ghost Adventures,” from “Dead Files,” and myriads of new programming, Discovery+ has us paranormal kiddos covered this Halloween season. And with the app, all this is just a click away!


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