Disney finds its young Han Solo in Alden Ehrenreich

May 6, 2016

After months of searching Disney has found the man who will fill the biggest holster in the Star Wars universe by casting Alden Ehrenreich as young Han Solo.  Ehrenreich’s biggest work to date was starring in the Coen Brother’s comedy: Hail Caesar earlier this year.

han cowFor most mainstream film goers Ehrenreich is a relative unknown, which I think was the right move by producer Kathleen Kennedy and directors: Phil Lord and Chris Miller.  Han Solo is a role made so iconic by Harrison Ford’s portrayal of the character it will be hard for many Star Wars fans to see, let alone accept anyone else in the role.  If disney would have went with a bigger star to play solo it could have been off putting to many Star Wars fans by taking them mentally out of the film.

The film will most certainly cover the story of Han and Chewie’s first encounter and the beginning of their legendary friendship.  If the film chooses to borrow any elements from the Star Wars Expanded Universe now known as Star Wars legends after the Disney acquisition then we may see Solo as a rogue member of the imperial navy who goes A.W.O.L rescuing Chewbacca in the process.  While the origins of the wookie life debt turned friendship would make a good first act, I hope the film focuses on a more over arching plot about Han’s descent into smuggling.  It could be interesting to explore Solo’s first run in with the Hutt’s and the start of that intense rivalry.  However after the recent success of both Disney as well as Lord and Miller I trust they will take the world’s favorite scoundrel on an truly epic adventure across the galaxy.

Disney’s Han Solo film releases on Memorial Day Weekend: May 25th 2018!

(Source: Deadline)

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