Disney’s Prestige Cinderella Costume Review

Jan 13, 2015


When I was a kid getting ready for Halloween, I had to have every detail nailed down. My Raphael costume couldn’t be missing a knee-pad or a S’ai, and my Proton Pack had to have a ghost trap attached to it at all times. My daughter loves to dress up as her favorite Disney princesses, so for her we picked out the Prestige Cinderella costume from CostumeSupercenter.com. It offers the detail and elegance of a premium Cinderella costume but is available at a much lower price than you would expect, making it a great value.

Cinderella (2) (640x480)

This costume looks gorgeous in the photos and in person it does not disappoint. It is very full with thicker fabric than you find on a lot of kids costumes, and even includes a petticoat that adds to the fullness. There is a castle scene etched at the bottom of dress that is fun while subtle enough that it doesn’t distract from the costume itself. And there is a glittered crosshatch pattern down the center of the entire dress that makes it sparkle (yes, the glitter level here is at High).

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Cinderella (1) (500x800)In addition to the costume’s design, there are details that make it stand out. First, the shoulders have batting inside to keep them puffed up, just like the shoulders on Cinderella’s traditional ball gown. Second are the headband and choker accessories, which add a very classy finish to the costume. These are small touches that you wouldn’t necessarily notice consciously, but add a sense of formality that a real ball gown would have. Unfortunately while most of the dress fit as expected, the headband was too small to fit around my daughter’s head. I resorted to extending it with a safety pin, which worked perfectly except that it was visible from the back. You may need to get more creative than I did to avoid this issue.

The Prestige Cinderella Costume provides incredible value, especially at Costume Supercenter’s low price. Because of the fullness of the dress, it is not ideal for dressing up and running around the house (which my daughter does on a regular basis). It is, on the other hand, perfect for special occasions like Halloween or your local Comic Con. The fullness, sparkle, and detail will make your little princess feel just like Cinderella headed to the ball whenever she wears it.

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