Djinn Hunter Issue # 1 Is Now On Comixology

Sep 8, 2021


Mad Cave Studios


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There is a long standing concept in strategic marketing that “Content is King”. If this is true then I think that “Accessibility is Her Royal Majesty”. I mean what’s the point of having something for the masses if they can’t get to it. For new and independent publishers in entertainment this is of particular importance. So when a new comic gets the opportunity to be expand it’s reader base, well it’s quite magical. Though I can’t say I’m surprised at this outcome given the title of the series. Or the talented team who are responsible for it. is estatic to announce that Djinn Hunter # 1 is now available for digital purchase from Comixology.

As one of the top providers of content this ensures that readers from near and far will have no problem getting access to this title. For a site with “worldwide” as part of it’s acronym that is important to us. So now that you can access it, the next question you might have is why should you? You remember I mentioned magic, right?

Writer Jay Sandlin introduces readers to a combative creature in Zara, the Magehound. Zara, along with other Magehounds, are responsible for guarding against magic’s unauthorized use. Given the amazing introduction illustrated by artist Fabrizio Cosentino well you can see how things turned out.

With reality shaping ramifications and mesmerizing characters you don’t want to miss out on the opening issue of this enthralling series.

We at are extremely happy to congratulate Jay and Fabrizio on this accomplishment. Be sure to head over and pick up Djinn Hunter # 1 from Comixology. And while you’re there check out the other amazing titles from BlackBox comics. Believe me when I say this about the comics from BlackBox, they are “Some Really Great Presence”.

Zara’s mission to bring order to the chaos caused by Abyss continues in Djinn Hunter # 2. Take a look at the cover and interior art and you can see that Zara has a fight for the fate of the cosmos on her hands.

Don’t wait. Stop by your Local Comic Shop or head over to and get your copy of Djinn Hunter # 2. Trust me, you ain’t never met a Djinn like her.