Time Lord Victorious NFT Trading Card Sets Available Now

Sep 14, 2021

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart NFT trading card game releases new deck of cards Time Lord Victorious set

The NFT (non-fungible token) trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart launched the new Time Lord Victorious card set last month, complete with fifty new cards for you to collect. They are minted at the same time you purchase them; so, you are their sole owner. And because they are digital, they can’t get destroyed by your little brother.

This is the second set of its kind for Worlds Apart that launches later this year. The Time Lord Victorious Card Set now sits beside the Unearthly Origins card packs awaiting the strategic game mechanics of this Reality Gaming Group release.

Core Pack

Purchase a core pack of 5 basic cards for $4.99 (around $1 each). They come with standard frames and are all you need to play Worlds Apart. Of course, the more cards you have, the better your deck and the more customizing you can do.

Premium Pack

Serious collectors and enthusiasts can grab the premium pack of 10 limited edition cards for $49.99 ( about $5 apiece): these feature limited edition Time Lord Victorious and Kotturuh Frames. Feel free to mix and match frames with cards to ensure your battle is truly one of a kind.

Let’s talk cards. Each card is a digital file that is unique due to blockchain technology and the minting process. The unique asset is assigned a unique serial number that cannot be reproduced. It’s difficult to steal NFTs because all the cards are kept in your digital wallet instead of a collector’s folder.

Each card features hand-drawn artwork of a character throughout the entire history of Doctor Who and has been transformed into digital art for your enjoyment. Characters have their own stats and special abilities that will make them useful in battle. Have cards you don’t need or want some you didn’t get? Trade them on the open market!

If you are lucky enough to get a #1 mint of a popular character, these often go for high prices in the open marketplace and represent ownership when put on OpenSea. NFT artwork and the nft market are popular places for modern collectors.

A New Way To Love Digital Art

The Ethereum network has become increasingly popular with NFT creators, digital artists, and collectors to sell and buy NFTs. Owning NFTs is a new way to play the trading games you love while reducing your carbon footprint.

Reality Gaming Group

Worlds Apart and the Time Lord Victorious card sets are brought to you by Reality Gaming Group devoted to making a positive impact on the world. They use the Ethereum blockchain to bring you digital assets that bring joy to your life.

NFTs are more than just a game. They represent the promise of an exciting future for gaming and digital goods, where creators can create new experiences that might not have been possible before. They’re more than just collectibles—they’re investment opportunities!


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