Domino #9 REVIEW

Dec 22, 2018

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Domino #9
Marvel Comics

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: David Baldeon & Michael Shelfer
Colors by: Guru-eFX
Letters by: Clayton Cowles

Imagine someone who you kind of know randomly saying, “You’re not my father, Mojo,” when no one else visible. Forget their tone, the context of the situation, the relationship between you two, none of that matters. Kind of VERY weird, right? Well, that’s exactly what Domino dealt with in Domino #9 during her encounter with Longshot. Only, she was fighting with him, too. So not only is his mind jumbled a little bit—imagining Domino is some sort of six-armed Viking warrior—he sees things that aren’t even there. A weird way to spend your night, that’s for sure.

Although, you could argue that wasn’t even the weirdest thing that happened to Domino that night, given she’d just been in a fist-fight with a 16-year-old “general” who claims to be possessed by an ancient Atlas Bear, the species of bear that used to inhabit Africa. Calling it a “fist-fight” is probably understating it, too. Everyone knows Domino has skills, but this Shoon’kwa kid is scary good. She’s also just plain scary, too. Unless all the cool kids are wearing bear carcasses as capes these days. (Her look would make more sense than some of the other stuff people are wearing in 2018. Well, maybe not make more sense, but if Kim Kardashian or someone wore it you know there’d be a sect that’d follow suit.)

This kid isn’t bordering on maniac for just any reason though. She can apparently see the future and the manner in which humanity ceases to exist. Thus the nonsense with Morbius and now Longshot. As if puberty wasn’t enough for a 16-year-old. (Or did Wakanda figure out how to make puberty less torturous?) But it’s a good thing she ran into Domino because this kid was going to turn into the next major villain.

They’ve got their hands full with Longshot now, who’s apparently lost a lot of weight, or bone density?