Google Doodle champion Island games

Jul 23, 2021


Doodle Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games Begin like table tennis and seven sport mini to crown the sport champion on Champion Island Games.

Due to the Pandemic-felt-Round-The-World, the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics were postponed. However as precautions, preparations and possibly most importantly vaccine(s) have been put in place the Olympic Games are beginning. July 23, 2021 marked the start of the competition. Geeks world wide may find themselves uninterested in the competitions unless you’re cheering on a favorite country or a specific sport. Fortunately, the staff at Google, along with STUDIO4°C, have provided a Doodle (and 8-bit game) that captures the excitement of the Summer Olympics and helps everyone experience the thrill of it’s competitive nature, whether it be the thrill of Vi-cat-ory or the agony of De-feline-t on Champion Island.

No, I “meow” not stuck playing that game from Super Troopers. I am just preparing you to meet the star attra-cat-tion (last one I hope for your sakes and my sanity). Allow me to introduce Lucky.

Your Calico C Athlete Lucky will play in sports for the seven sacred scrolls

Meet the (C)athelete Lucky

As the video highlights Lucky crosses the sea and arrives upon the shores of Doodle Champion Island. After walking around the pavilion and taking in all the sites Lucky comes upon the gates to the competition. It is there she meets the mascots for the 4 teams Lucky (and the player) can choose to join. They are:

Choose you Doodle Champion Island Games Calico C Athlete Lucky who Explores Doodle Champion Island in Search of the Seven Sacred Scrolls

Choose your Color and Mascot For Champion Island Games

The video also features a preview of the legendary competitors Lucky will face while on Doodle Champion Island. Here are the competitors and their sports:

The game features a real time global leaderboard so let the games begin!
Face legendary opponents to become the sport champion on champion island.
All the champions of the sport mini games daring side quests are on display in a world filled with extra hidden challenges

Today’s Doodle Makes Sport Mini Games Legendary

The Daily Doodle Google becomes An 8 bit playable adventure that explores Doodle Champion Island playing games like table tennis, and is available on PC and mobile Browsers right on the Google homepage.

Google and STUDIO4°C promise players that over the coming weeks we will witness (and most importantly play as) Lucky as she competes in the Doodle Champion Island Games. In addition to seven sport mini games there are also rumors of side quests and friends (both new and old) for Lucky to encounter facing legendary opponents in a world filled with daring side quests.

The Doodle Champion Island Mini Games

Can you help Lucky defeat each legendary Champion and collect the seven (7) sacred scrolls. Head over to the Google home page and click on the doodle to start. Join a team, move up the leaderboard and experience Lucky (and your) c-adventure (I tried).

Join Calico C Athlete with different color teams features a bamboo forest and is full of Japanese culture.