Dynamic Duo’s a “Convergence #4” Review

Apr 29, 2015

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Conv 4 CovConvergence #4
DC Comics

Written by: Jeff King
Art by: Jason Paz & Stephen Segovia

At the half way point it would be safe to say that DC’s Convergence is a very unbalanced story.  At points newcomer Jeff King is able to transcend the DC myhos with a series of beautiful character moments, unfortunately that is usually followed by convoluted action sequences and storytelling moments.  King repeatedly has characters mention key story components in the middle of major battles that quickly take the reader out of the action.  Readers have to remember this is King’s first comic, as he hails primarily from the world of television.  However I am beginning to understand why DC entrusted such a big story to a new writer, because it does not really matter.  At least at it’s half way point it seems this story will impact every DC continuity except the primary one, or as it was previously called the New 52.

Conv 4 splash

So does that mean that DC readers should completely skip or  abandon Convergence at half time? Absolutely not! Because for every wonky action scene there is an gripping and emotional character moment designed to make the most hardened of DC fans well up.  In this issue it comes as Telos reminds Dick Grayson how much Bruce Wayne cares for him no matter the multi-verse.  As Telos reveals to Dick: “The bond between you and Bruce Wayne echos Conv 4 Varthroughout every reality.” Thus providing a touching scene for anyone who has felt a connection to the dynamic duo across multiple mediums throughout the years.

As the story progresses the character of Telos becomes ever more intriguing, as he has been fleshed out by Jeff King to be somewhere in between Marvel counterparts: Silver Surfer and Galactus.  The character would be best described as a necessary, but compassionate force.  Besides powerful DC character moments Telos has been the best part of Convergence. However a reveal at the end of this issue that is reached by what can only be described as messy storytelling leads readers to wonder just how much of Telo’s current actions are tied to Brainiac’s will? Or has Telos been playing God all along.  This twist leaves hope that the action and consequences of Convergence have a chance of matching the magical character moments moving forward.