E2KG Entertainment Series: Street-Level, Episode #2 – The Punisher, Episodes #7 – 13 Podcast

Dec 30, 2017

WARNING: there were some audio problems on the host’s end that we just could not solve before we hit our drop-dead time and had to go live. We were also unable to do anything more to clean it up beyond what it already is. You have our apologies, and we’ll try not to use this audio setup in the future.

PS – the Deep Throat voice-changer effect only lasts for the first 1.5 minutes.  And this is our last show for 2017! See you guys next year for E2KG Season 2!

It’s a season for change. We’re closing out 2017 with a literal bang! bang! bang! goes the Punisher. It’s also our last broadcast from the home network’s studio, as we’ll be transitioning back to doing the liveshow’s from our own YouTube channel and then posting the edited versions to the GWW, which is just some admin and housekeeping, as we are still firmly an affiliate network of the larger GWW Radio Network. So let’s end on a happy but sad note…or both sad notes since Frank Castle’s life is so effed up. Either way you look at it…it’s change.

Intro and outro music, Who We Are, courtesy of Hans Atom via Creative Commons license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode)