E2KGn30: Your Weekly Gaming News! FAST!! Episode #48 – Battlefield V Closed Alpha & FFVII

Jun 30, 2018

Welcome aboard, lads and lasses! You have the honor of taking this train for the last episode of E2KGn30! But rest easy. There is no bittersweet farewell to be weathered here. The crew has simply kibitzed in our Flock chat and made some creative decisions to change up our schedule and the format of our gaming podcasts.

That will kick off after our US Independence Week hiatus with our premiere of E2KG Deep Dive on Monday, July 9th! But for tonight, ya know the deal! We’ll run down the 6 biggest, most important, or just plain most interesting (to us) news stories this week about the gaming industry in the News Blender at the top of the half hour.


And then we’ll round it out with some expanded discussion on those topics for the remainder of the time. So. One. LAst. TIME!!! Strap IN! Buckle UP! AND SLAP on a pair of goggles!! Cause it’s about get whiplash in here! E2KGn30! The PEOPLE’s Gaming NEWS SHOW!!! FAST!!!!!