Earth-Prime #1: Batwoman (DC Comics Review)

Apr 4, 2022

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It’s finally happening!!! The CW’s Arrowverse is OFFICIALLY joining the DC Comics verse in Earth-Prime #1: Batwoman!

Written by: Natalie Abrams and Kelly Larson
Art by: Clayton Henry
Colors by: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters by: Tom Napolitano

While The CW’s Arrowverse has technically made it into the comics before (ex: Arrow Season 2.5 tpb), this is the first time that ALL the shows are being brought in!

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover on the CW, all the different shows came together on one Earth: Earth-Prime. This first issue is part of a 6-issue limited series exploring Earth-Prime and the shows within it.

Earth-Prime #1: Batwoman: Familiar to comic book fans AND television fans

One thing that’s hard is transferring writing to different mediums. Can a TV show writer write a comic book? Well, Batwoman answers that question directly- yes! Earth-Prime: Batwoman #1 is written by television writer Natalie Abrams, co-written by Kelly Larson!

And thank goodness it was! From the first page, it is clear that the goal of this series isn’t to make these television characters comic characters, but rather to take these television characters and EXPAND their story in the comics. Abrams and Larson even keep all the elements of the CW episode format, starting with setting up the “crime” of the episode! It’s the perfect set-up to not only get comic fans interested in Ryan Wilder’s Batwoman but bring in and maintain fans of the show. There’s something for everyone!

Batwoman Characterization and Humor On Point

Are you a fan of the show? Guess what? Let me ease your worries! First, you’ll recognize all your favorite characters in this first issue! Ryan, Sophie, Luke, and Renee are ALL on point and written well! Additionally, the beautiful balance of darkness and campy humor that you love carries over nearly seamlessly into this story. Furthermore, multiple of the villains from season 3 of the show carry over. I almost like seeing these Batman-used-for-a-Batwoman-show-villains in the comics better! Particularly, I enjoy the transitions between different panels to heighten the horror-esque touch of the narrative. Sure, they can pan cameras and darken areas of the screen in certain ways for the show. However, there’s something about these panel transitions that just makes my insides twist in the best way possible!

A Special Appearance Sure To Last

Speaking of transitions and carrying over… we HAVE to talk about *that* character that shows up here. A while ago, writer Natalie Abrams teased the appearance of a certain character, and many fans (including me) were ecstatic about it! Let me tell you… I would have never thought to put them in this comic, but my goodness does it work! Moreover, the inclusion of this character in this issue of this Earth-Prime series proves how much of a universe Earth-Prime is. These shows stand on their own and when brought together- Well, they are unstoppable. As Supergirl and her team used to say on Supergirl: Stronger Together. El Mayarah. The appearance of this character means more than people realize. I don’t think this is the last time we will see them in the comics.

Proof that these shows deserve to continue in the comics

Earth-Prime #1: Batwoman is all the evidence fans need. It’s proof that these characters do not deserve to live and die with The CW network. Earth-Prime, as a universe, can and should be able to stand on its own in the comics. It only stands to benefit fans, creators, and even DC Comics as a publisher.

Final Thoughts

As a fan of the shows and of the comics, I couldn’t be more thrilled with this issue. It’s fun, beautifully drawn, well-written, and a great time for all! It’s such a warm hug to those of us that adore the shows while being true and wonderful to the comic form. I cannot wait to read the rest of this limited series with the other shows!

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