Empowering Traders: PrimeXBT Redefines Market Accessibility

May 22, 2024

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PrimeXBT, a leading cryptocurrency broker, has undergone a significant rebranding to democratize financial markets and enhance accessibility to investing. The revamp includes lower fees, increased leverage, and new payment options, aligning with the vision of making investing available to all.


PrimeXBT has introduced a comprehensive overhaul of its brand, website, and platforms, accompanied by substantial enhancements to its product offerings. With the aim of providing more value to traders, the revamp integrates lower fees, increased leverage on Crypto CFDs, and new fiat payment options, reflecting a client-centric approach inspired by user feedback.

Main Points

The upgraded PrimeXBT experience extends to its website, webtrader, and app, focusing on improving user experience and providing insights through a ‘News’ section. Additionally, the introduction of a new Partnership Program offers attractive incentives for affiliates and brokers, positioning PrimeXBT as a competitive choice in the market.


Aleksandr Khvoinitskii, Head of Crypto Growth at PrimeXBT, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to providing easy market access and essential tools for success. The core values of innovation, client-focus, empowerment, and transparency are evident in the revamped offerings, reflecting PrimeXBT’s dedication to empowering traders of all levels and building trust through user-centric enhancements.