Empowering Web3 Developers: Astar Studio Revolutionizes Development on Astar zkEVM

May 20, 2024

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Astar Studio Launches on Astar zkEVM


Astar Studio, a user-friendly web3 developer platform built on Astar zkEVM and driven by Sequence technology, is officially launched today, offering innovative solutions for web3 projects and enhancing the development experience.


The Astar zkEVM, a zero-knowledge Layer 2 (L2) blockchain scaling solution built on Polygon CDK, is integrated with the AggLayer on Astar Network, aiming to boost web3 gaming and enterprise applications.

Main Points

The Astar zkEVM “Developer Console” by Astar Studio, powered by Sequence, provides developers with creative control to accelerate web3 project development and increase user engagement. The platform offers trading of digital collectibles, revenue streams, and modular components for enhanced user strategies.

Plug-and-play tools in Astar Studio include configurable UI kits, payment flows, transaction APIs, gas sponsorship mechanisms, and SDKs for Unity, Unreal Engine, and mobile development, fostering a seamless development experience.

Collaboration between Astar and Sequence offers a $200,000 Astar Studio Credit Grant to support developers building on Astar zkEVM, enabling the creation of innovative web3 experiences and games within the growing ecosystem.


The partnership between Astar and Sequence brings together cutting-edge technology to empower developers in building next-generation web3 dApps. By providing a user-friendly platform and financial support, Astar Studio aims to drive growth in web3 gaming and enhance the Astar zkEVM ecosystem.

For more details, visit Astar Studio and apply for the Astar Studio Credit Grant. For media inquiries, contact Megan Doyle, Growth Marketing Lead at Sequence (md@horizon.io) or Maarten Henskens (info@astar.network).