Engage with Alephoria: Unveiling Rewards and Thrilling Campaigns

May 17, 2024

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Alephoria: Exciting Campaigns, Airdrops, and Rewards in the Web3 Ecosystem

Alephoria: Exciting Campaigns, Airdrops, and Rewards in the Web3 Ecosystem


Alephoria invites web3 users to the Aleph Zero ecosystem with interactive campaigns and projects launched, offering a range of rewards and activities.


Aleph Zero, a privacy-oriented layer 1 blockchain, is preparing for a surge of new users through its Alephoria campaign, welcoming them with airdrops and promotional activities in the expanding ecosystem.

Main Points

Dozens of teams are actively developing groundbreaking solutions on Aleph Zero in areas like DeFi, web3 identity, liquid staking, RWA tokenization, and gaming. The network offers instant transactions with subsecond speeds, powered by AlephBFT consensus and a data confidentiality engine meeting AML/CFT regulations.

AZERO, the native coin, provides utility for developers and users, enabling staking for rewards and participation in ecosystem-wide airdrop campaigns.


The Common Drops campaign, alongside Common AMM, rewards stakers and liquidity farmers, aligning with Common’s vision of enhancing trading efficiency and confidentiality. Explore Alephoria for a chance to engage in significant ecosystem-wide airdrop campaigns and projects like DRKVRS, Abax, Upcade, Kintsu, and more.