Engaging Title: “Breaking Crypto News: BNB Chain’s Airdrop Expansion and BlockDAG’s Rise”

May 18, 2024

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BNB Chain Launches New Airdrop Alliance Phase


BNB Chain has launched the second chapter of its Airdrop Alliance, introducing new rewards and quests. The XRP price continues to rise amidst legal challenges, while BlockDAG emerges as a top crypto for payments, boasting advanced features and a revamped user experience.


BNB Chain has rolled out the next phase of its Airdrop Alliance, featuring exclusive rewards and missions. Simultaneously, BlockDAG is gaining traction as a leading cryptocurrency for transactions, backed by its enhanced dashboard that elevates user satisfaction and investor confidence.

Main Points

BNB Chain’s new Airdrop Alliance phase offers unique rewards and quests in collaboration with its partners. The transition to BNB Smart Chain aims to optimize efficiency and security, requiring users to stake BNB or migrate tokens to participate in the airdrop.

Ripple’s CFO supports sealing sensitive documents amid ongoing XRP activity and legal uncertainties. Notable XRP transfers and price spikes have marked recent developments, showcasing resilience in the face of challenges.

BlockDAG’s presale success surpasses $27.7 million, fueled by advanced features like wallet monitoring and leaderboard previews. The revamped dashboard provides transparency and convenience for investors, positioning BlockDAG as a lucrative investment choice.


As BNB Chain advances its Airdrop Alliance phase and XRP thrives amidst legal hurdles, BlockDAG shines with its impressive presale figures and user-friendly platform. Investors eyeing top gains in the crypto market should consider BlockDAG’s promising prospects at the current price of $0.0075.