Engaging Title: “Exclusive Supermoon Event at Mansion on the Moon: Networking and Innovation in Austin”

May 22, 2024

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Supermoon Event at Mansion on the Moon in Austin, Texas


Supermoon, in partnership with OORT, Ammocrypt, Sunrise Layer, and Cointelegraph, is hosting its second iteration of the prestigious event at Mansion on the Moon in Austin, Texas on May 31st.


The upcoming Supermoon event at Mansion on the Moon promises a curated experience for over 800 guests, including founders, investors, thought leaders, and developers, fostering valuable connections and alliances in the web3 community.

Main Points

This exclusive event will be held at an 8,500 sq foot private mansion in Austin, Texas, providing an ideal setting for intimate networking among web3 innovators. Special partners such as OORT, Ammocrypt, and Sunrise Layer have made this event possible.

  • OORT: A decentralized AI Cloud platform for privacy and cost-effective AI solutions.
  • Ammocrypt: An RWA marketplace ecosystem for legal firearm owners, offering Kaliber Tokens backed by real ammunition.
  • Sunrise: A Web3 project focusing on a Specialized DA Layer for Proof of Liquidity.


Supermoon’s previous event in 2022 received high acclaim, becoming a significant networking opportunity during Consensus with rave reviews. The upcoming event promises an exclusive poker tournament, investor gatherings, and a tequila tasting experience, offering a unique blend of networking and entertainment for the web3 community.


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